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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 36 - Flea Market!

I didn't have anything to do today, so I thought I would go down to Lee Roy's Flea Market here in Abingdon, VA. I did not want to get a separate spot, so I shared a space with a friend who sells scented crystals and heated aroma therapy. I did not know if I was going to do any good, but surprisingly I did pretty well in that environment today.

If you noticed the video is short and tomorrows video will probably be the same.

I also want to thank everyone for all the Happy Birthday's, as I said in the video, I have never had that many HB's in my life. Until Facebook, I never thought I had that many friends. Thanks so much!

Also, a special thanks to Brady Neher for showing us how he does his paintings, it helped me to do that last painting and I dedicate it to him!

So to end this blog, her are a bunch of photos:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 35 - SURPRISE!!!

Okay, so I promised you a surprise I hope hope it was worth my time doing it for you.

My business partner, Aline Backes is a great and wonderful artist, and when she suggested doing this, I was all up for it. The only thing was she did not want to tell me what it was she was doing. I love it and how it came out and I think you will agree that she is very talented! All her portraits are hand drawn in charcoal & pastel and can be finished and shipped in less than a week. Oils take about 12-16 weeks, but are well worth the price you pay for them. When she does a portrait, she prefers to use photos that are not posed, photos that have a story to them are the best to have done and are more meaningful!

You can actually order a portrait from her online or call her at 276-525-0872 to place an order. Now if you have already visited her website, then you will know that she is not cheap. You will definitely get what you pay for with her and she does accept payment plans. Her usual deposit is 50% of the total price, but if you order today, she will only ask for 25% down. So go to her site and call her and place an order for a unique hand drawn or painted portrait of a loved one. Great as a gift! You can visit her website at:

Another person who I mentioned in the video was, Paul Hernandez, who owns Hennawi House Body Art out of Pensacola, FL. He does Natural Henna, Airbrush Tattoos and Face & Body Painting and is available for Parties, Festivals, Corporate Events.You can contact him by phone, 850-255-8436 or visit his website at or email at

Also I mentioned I am trying to quit smoking and would like some help from my friends here, on Facebook, YouTube and anywhere else you can find me. Leave a message or comment as to how you quit smoking and what helped you do it. This support is better than money as it will save me a lot by not buying $3-$5 packs of cigarettes.

If you want you can send me some Nicorette gum, patches, electronic cigarette or anything else you think would help to PO Box 1042, Abingdon, VA 24212

Thanks, and bearwith me as my videos might get a little crazy from the lack of Nicotine!

Here are the photos of the face:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34 - Shark Teeth

I was going to have a surprise video for you today, but since my partner is sick, she is going to do it tomorrow instead. Her name is Aline Backes and I talked about her in past videos. Tomorrows video, I will talk more about her, show off some of her work (Framed so you know it is real and not digital) and let her talk to you about herself. It will be interesting, because she will not tell me what she is painting and my back will be turned to the camera while she is painting. We will only find out what it is once she is done and I turn back to the camera and mirror. I can't wait!

Because of this predicament, I had to go on Facebook and post a status question. I asked "I need an idea for a video right NOW! The first full face & neck suggestion I get I will do for todays video. Make it Interesting and NO Drag Queen suggestions"

Shannon Nicholson Carver requested "Shark" so That is what I did. But I had the idea to make the neck the open mouth.

I am not a great artist like my partner Aline or Nick & Brian Wolfe, Terra Fender, Mark Reid, Alex Hanson, Craig Tracy, or Verushka, but I am getting there and with practice I will get better. So this is my interpretation and it can always be adjusted and worked on to make it better.

I would love to see your rendition of this face & neck design, do it, take a picture and post it on my wall! Also there is no such thing as bad criticism, so tell me what you like or don't like about it, how I can make it better or tell me "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

So with that being said, here are the photos:

I also talked about Kapital Kidventions DVD set and you can buy the 2010 DVD set for $150 and covers a lot of entertainment business information, but not a lot about face painting. It is a must have for any entertainment individual or business. you can find it here

I will put up a link to the 2011 DVD set when it is available! It too is a must have and you will be able to see full length un-edited classes from Terra Fender, the Wolfe Bros., Bray Neher, Pam Trent, Lynn Cole, & Gen Keller. All your favorites in one place and you will not be disappointed.

Remember, because you visited this blog and watched my videos, if you order form and use coupon code kfba365 you will receive 15% OFF your entire order and a Special Gift from DiamondFX!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 33 - Groundhog Day

At 7:25 AM EST Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow and therefore we will have an early Spring! YEAH!

To learn more about Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil, you can visit

I had a blast doing this video and I know it is not my best facepainting, but it was fun to do none the less. I used this photo as a reference:

I just had to do this for you and like I said in the video, if you want to see something different today, I will make a BONUS video and post it here on this blog. I just need you to post suggestions or requests either here, on my Facebook Fan Page or on YouTube. 

I just have 3 photos of the face and here they are:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32 - NO TXTing & Bone Monster

The reason I am so passionate about certain things is because I think that there is a problem out there that is ignored more than anything else in the world. As an American we want everything our own individual way because we are give the freedom to do so and no one has the right to tell us otherwise, unless it is LAW. There needs to be a Common Sense Law to protect the people that use it all the time. When I saw the video shared by Susan Billings, I immediately was drawn into how much lack of common sense there is. I do not need to speak on what it is, because it is in the video and enough was said. But it is an important message and should be seen by all teenagers and adults. 

See the video below:

AT&T Don't Text While Driving Documentary

Now on to the face painting I did. The prosthetic I used is called "Skully" and it costs $51. You can get it online by going to the BodyFX website in my "Links" button on the footer bar.

I applied it using nothing but Liquid Latex and painted it and my face with DiamondFX face paints. You can use whatever paints you like, but I have found DiamondFX works the best. You can also pre-paint the appliance before attaching to the face. This will help cut corners and make it easier to finish the face faster.

This was just a quick face and you can do alot more with this prosthetic than I did. Be creative and have fun!

To find out what happened at Kapital Kidvention (Face & Body Art Side) click these links:

Yet again, I bring up the fact about the CONTESTS I have going on and No has yet to put any entries in. Here are the links to find out more about it:
For the Day 18 & 25 Contests, if you do not have a Facebook profile you may send the photos to my email address

All these contests do have legitimate PRIZES and will be shipped to the winner at no cost to them. All Prizes are Brand New items that I have personally bought and not provided by the companies that sponsor me.

Here are the photos of the face painting I did in the video: Special thanks goes out to Nick & Brian Wolfe for showing me how to make teeth look awesome!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31 - Back Home!

So I left the convention around Midnight. I guess that is what time it was, since my phone was dead and a fuse blew out in my car clock and I have no watch. I did drive through a little snow on the way back home, but it end as quick as it came. My eyes were getting droopy and I had to stop at a rest area and get some shuteye. I tried to make it all the way home with the Facepaint on, but it was impossible. So will will just have to be happy with the photos.

Good Night!