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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 105-106 - 2 Simple Tutorials & DFX Neon Review

I tried for the longest time to get the Day 105 video compiled, but it was taking too long and got held up at one part forever, so I decided to cut a part out and combine the 2 simple tutorials with the review of the DiamondFX Neons. I did not take any pictures of the DFX Neons or the faces I did with them, but when I get a chance I will take some and post them with details. Right now you can see the pictures of the simple designs I did.

I also did a tutorial for the Subscription website abd it went with the Facebook FBP Theme of the Day: Games, I did the theme on my favorite game of all time, TETRIS! I don't have the tutorial up yet, but here is a sneak peek of the face:

Until tomorrow, Happy Painting!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 104 - Quick Beach & Tribal Tutorials

First let me say sorry for the video being out of focus, but I do not have an auto-focus on my camera and forgot to set it correctly before recording.

Now, with that out of the way, I decided to do some simple designs tutorials in my daily video blog and asked for some ideas from the face & body art community on Facebook. I have written down the names and ideas that have been posted and will get to everyone of them in the next month. So there will be tutorials everyday along with more elaborate tutorials on my Subscription website. Hope you liked the beach theme.

Other than that, you will just have to see what I do tomorrow, Happy Painting! Oh and submit your ideas for simple tutorials here in a comment or on Facebook!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 103 - 2 Themed Tutorials!

Okay, so I just had to make a couple more tutorials for my Subscription Website and needed some ideas on what to do. So I thought the FBP Theme of the Day Facebook Group would be a great place to get ideas.

Yesterdays Theme was Polka Dots and today's Theme is Mosaic, so I wanted to show others how literal the Themes are. This is a way for us to see what others can create and help each other if need be. Here are a couple of photos of what I did.

I also want to tell you about a really great page created by Susan Billings called Face Painters Product Review and this is where you can find out what others think about the products they use. Now she does have one stipulation, she does not want distributors to review their own products, she wants the page to be unbiased and informative without advertising. And I think that is great and agree 100% with that. So if you get a chance, go to the page and Like it and post your reviews!

Until tomorrow, Happy Painting!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 102 - A NEW Look?

So to start off today, I have been talking to a wonderful artist by the name of Ben Bonser who take photos of characters and turns them into digit comic book characters. Look at these photos:

You can find out more about him and what he does at his DeviantART page and his Facebook Profile

Also I mention the FBP Theme of the Day group on Facebook. In order to contribute to it you must have a Facebook account and Request to Join. This is also the place where I will be coming up with some of my newer tutorials for my Subscription Website.

Another way of interacting with face & body painters is to join the Face Painters Swap Shop group on Facebook. Like before, you must request to join as it is a Closed group. Once you are a member, you can buy, sell and trade face painting products and services with others. Check it out!

Until tomorrow, Happy Painting!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 101 - Fresh Start

As the 101st Day, I am starting over with a more fresh, positive & professional approach to all my videos from here on out.

I have done some things in the past that will have adverse effects on me and my business, but I cannot run or hide from it, so that is why  I still have all my videos and posts up. This is a remembrance of what I did wrong and allows for me to hide nothing and move forward.

As I have stated, here are the links to the Companies and products I mentioned in the video:

Click on banner to visit the link:




You can find out all about the products they sell through their MSDS here

I hope you keeping watch and reading this blog, because it will only get better from this point forward. That is a GAURANTEE!!!

Happy Painting!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 100 - Let's Start Over!

As this is my 100th day in my vlog, I want to START OVER.  I want to make my videos for you in a more POSITIVE & PROFESSIONAL fashion and that will start with tomorrows 101st day vlog.

I will be making more interesting videos and fun tutorials in the next week and I hope you find these to your liking. This is my PROMISE to END the NEGATIVITY that I had in the past.

Now as you saw in the video, I posted some of the BEST videos I have done since the beginning of the year and hope you enjoy them. I also talked about Kelly Mules of Faces Gone Wild and she is really a great Artist & Face Painter in the Knoxville, TN area. If you are in that area and need a face painter, she is the one you need to contact.

I want to start over fresh and hope you will continue to watch & read this blog as it will get better and better.

Thanks & Happy Painting!