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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 42-43 - Late Day & Workshop

Now this is a typical example of when things don't go right. I missed a day of video and it was bound to happen. So I have included it in today's video. A lot has happened and more fun will come when we do our jam tonight. The photos and video of the jam will be the precursor to tomorrows video. The video speaks for itself so I won't go into detail about to much of it. 

I will let you know that I am not going to give away to much info or demos in my videos for this workshop, as I would love for you hire me for a workshop yourself. Call me for details on how you can get me to teach you everything I know! 865-385-2068

Here are some photos from the workshop today:

If you would like to see pictures from the Photo Shoot: (Before they get romoved by Facebook) go to this link

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 41 - BumbleBee Transformer!

So I decided to do a Transformer, because Shannon Randolph requested it. BUMBLEBEE! This was a fun one to do, but took 45 minutes. I am glad I did the outlines before recording or else it would have been a feature length movie. It looks more like a painting then a defined face paint, but I like how it turned out. Photos at the bottom.

Tomorrow at 11 AM I will be starting a workshop. Friday is beginner body painting. Now I know I talked about it in the previous video and blog entry, but if you want to find out more about it, go to:

It's not to late to get in this workshop! So call for more details. 865-385-2068

If you would like to host me for a workshop in your area, call or email me with what you want to learn and I can make it happen!

Here are the photos:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40 - Sully

Well, I did promise to do Sully from Monsters Inc for UltraPunchy on YouTube, but I do not like the way it turned out. But a promise is a promise and I tried my best to replicate Sully.

If you leave a comment on one of my videos, the best way to make sure I see it is to either Subscribe or Friend Request me. Some comments do not show up in my inbox, because of this. So if you want to be seen and heard, do the above.

There was a tie between Intro 2B & 3C, so I have used 2B in this video and will show 3C in tomorrows video so you can see them in action and let me know which one is better. If no one can decide, I will just alternate all 3 new intros. Also, if you have made an intro for me I will alternate that one as well!

More information on the workshop, you can go to this link to check it out:

Now this is a 3 day workshop that starts on Friday with a Beginner Body Painting class at 11AM. If for some reason you cannot make it to all 3 days, call me at 865-385-2068 and we can work something out. The lowest I can go on the cost is $100 for either 1 or 2 days. Saturday is a short day as the host has a gig from 2-4PM that day. But Fri & Sun are 11AM to 6PM with a 1 hour lunch. There is also a Fri & Sat night jam sessions which are completely free to attend and if you cannot make it to the workshop, please stop by the jam and say hi! More information on where the jams will be, I will put into the Facebook event page.

Here are the really bad photos:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 39 - NEW Intros, Cracked Up & Mike!

I do want to make a correction on a shout out that was given to me by PowerfulFlamingRose. The first photo she shows in her video of me is a face painting actually done by Gen Keller of SparklesDesigns out of NY and it was done at Kapital Kidvention during here Whimsical Tribal class. You can check out Kapital Kidvention by going back to my Day 28 entry!

I had a couple suggestions for my video today, but the first one I did was stuck in my head all night and I had to do it. It is not exactly what I imagined, but it came out okay. The second one I did of Mike from Monsters Inc. (Not my best work) was actually a suggestion by PowerfulFlamingRose. There was another suggestion and I did not see it until it was too late, UltraPunchy requested a full head Sully from Monsters Inc. and I promised him I would do it in tomorrows video. I hope you liked them and will comment if there is something I can do to make them better.

I am also asking that you choose a new Intro for my video. Below are the 3 intros to choose from marked 1A, 2B, 3C. Choose your favorite and comment with the ID and I will find out which one everyone likes better and use that intro from now on. If you want to create an intro for me, please do and you can use the photos on here, in my Facebook Fan Page and Profile and anywhere else you can find my photos. If you do make an intro for me, I will post it in a video and give you a shout out and link to any site you want as Thanks.

Here are the Intros:



If you would like to make an intro like this, goto
You can sign up for FREE and make 30 sec videos at no cost.
If you want longer videos that aren't branded, you can subscribe to their service starting at $5/month

Here are the links to the YouTube Channels for those who have entered into my Friendly/Fiendish Clown Contest:

Here are the photos from the video:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 38 - Gnome & Roach

For have over 400 subscribers on YouTube, I asked for a special request for a tutorial. I did not get exactly what I wanted, but 2 people did comment. Bobby asked again for a Gnome design, so I did the Garden Gnome face painting and Shannon Nicholson Carver asked for a cockroach, so I did Dr. Roach from Monsters VS. Aliens. Sorry I can't remember the characters name in the movie, so he is Dr. Roach to me.

Josh Bryant's YouTube Channel:

Facebook Event Page for my Workshop:

We can only accomodate 6 more students. If you would like to register for this workshop, please click on this link:

Pandora Internet Radio:


At the end of the video I asked for a detailed comment on what you want me to do a tutorial of. So send in those comments and let's have fun!

Here are the photos:

Bonus Video

Painters in Wonderland Contest Entry

Here is the making of it for Jelli Nelli and Henry Zevenburg

I was bored again and asked "Who would like to see me do a half cat body painting Bonus video? Tell me what colors to use and whether to do stripes, spots or both." This is what I got:

Jelli Nelli Memememememe!!!!, cheshire cat!!, lavender and purple and pink!!!

Well I changed it around to fit me and decides to do a full front upper body painting! It was fun, but not my best work. I hope you like and enjoy it!

Here are those Photos:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 37 - Flea Market Con't

Well it is the last day at the Flea Market this weekend. I don't know if I will be returning, but it was prosperous in that I gave out a bunch of cards and have potential customers for the future.

I did as I said and made sure that I videoed some of the faces I did. Now some were quick while others took almost 10 minutes to do, but you will get the point. Now that you have seen me in action you can do the same things I just did with practice. I did catch myself slowing down to talk, but that can be easily corrected and sped up. Hope you enjoyed it.

Oh, if you are wondering what was on my face during the last paint, I had some help from a 15 year old who had a booth with her parents. She told me what to paint and what colors to use and I did exactly what she said. It did not turn out good so I washed it off before the last bit. NO, I did not take pictures of it, but it did make her happy and laugh a lot.

I have reached over 400 subscribers to my YouTube channel and I am asking that you all comment on what you want to see next. I will check them in the morning and do a tutorial on the most requested design. The more imaginative it is the better it will be. So start thinking and comment!

Also there are 2 entries already in the Contest for Friendly/Fiendish Clown Face, So hurry up and get your entries in before Feb. 14th.

Here are the photos from today:

This is Jennifer and she is the one I painted last yesterday. She went to Bristol and ate dinner at El Patio at Exit 7 off I-81. When she got there, the owners and employees here astounded and took pictures. She did not have my business card on her, but did give them my information and they want to  know if I am available for Cinco De Mayo and Halloween. I painted this Sugar Skull on her, because she had to return there to talk to a waitress about her Mary Kay. I hope they like what they see and it further helps get my foot in the door
My version of a tiger paw!

I predict the Steelers will be Super Bowl Champions this year since this was the only team face I did all day!