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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32 - NO TXTing & Bone Monster

The reason I am so passionate about certain things is because I think that there is a problem out there that is ignored more than anything else in the world. As an American we want everything our own individual way because we are give the freedom to do so and no one has the right to tell us otherwise, unless it is LAW. There needs to be a Common Sense Law to protect the people that use it all the time. When I saw the video shared by Susan Billings, I immediately was drawn into how much lack of common sense there is. I do not need to speak on what it is, because it is in the video and enough was said. But it is an important message and should be seen by all teenagers and adults. 

See the video below:

AT&T Don't Text While Driving Documentary

Now on to the face painting I did. The prosthetic I used is called "Skully" and it costs $51. You can get it online by going to the BodyFX website in my "Links" button on the footer bar.

I applied it using nothing but Liquid Latex and painted it and my face with DiamondFX face paints. You can use whatever paints you like, but I have found DiamondFX works the best. You can also pre-paint the appliance before attaching to the face. This will help cut corners and make it easier to finish the face faster.

This was just a quick face and you can do alot more with this prosthetic than I did. Be creative and have fun!

To find out what happened at Kapital Kidvention (Face & Body Art Side) click these links:

Yet again, I bring up the fact about the CONTESTS I have going on and No has yet to put any entries in. Here are the links to find out more about it:
For the Day 18 & 25 Contests, if you do not have a Facebook profile you may send the photos to my email address

All these contests do have legitimate PRIZES and will be shipped to the winner at no cost to them. All Prizes are Brand New items that I have personally bought and not provided by the companies that sponsor me.

Here are the photos of the face painting I did in the video: Special thanks goes out to Nick & Brian Wolfe for showing me how to make teeth look awesome!

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  1. Well said, Daniel & hope so many share that ATT video so it goes viral quick! People have the freedom of cell phones but they abuse by using it & texting while driving a LETHAL WEAPON!
    On my way to my Jam, the only thing to stop a woman on her cell phone going at speed was MY ca, waiting at a stoplight! Mike never knew how painful painting a panda mask was for me that night.
    People think it won't happen to them but how would you feel if you got a call from the police saying someone using their cell phone took a relative from you?
    Save lives, PLEASE share the ATT video with everyone you know.
    Special thanks,