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Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28 - Kapital Kidvention Day 1

Well the convention is great! I got here early this morning and was able to check-in to the hotel around 9AM and got early registration with the convention and started meeting all kinds of fascinating and interesting people. In fact most of the people I talk to on Facebook are here and i finally got to meet Marcela (Mama Clown) Murad and the Wolfe Bros, Nick & Brian.

I am sorry I did not get any footage of the classes, but they did not permit me. You will be able to buy the DVD set of the convention when it is over and I will make sure I supply a link to where you may get it.

There is so much going on and I just didn't know what I was doing, but I promise to get some interviews tomorrow and Sunday.

Tomorrows video will start with some footage of the Jam we will have tonight, so Don't worry, you won't miss a thing!

Here are some photos of the Face paintings done today: Starting with Nick & Brian Wolfe's Dragon Art, then a picture of my fish face (by Pam Trent of Way Wicked Art), Gen Keller's 2 girls with masks painted by Mama Clown and Terra Fender painted by Brady Neher!


  1. Thanks for sharing with us! I posted it on
    Erica looked great selling her feather headbands & love the one she made for me.
    Looking forward to the next video,

  2. Loving the pics. Loving playing around with you at Kapital Kidvention. See ya tonight for the jam!
    Lynn Cole