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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22 - HOT to beat the COLD!

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I had a blast doing this and I did it specifically for Terra Fender of Bella Rouge Designs since she stated she is over it being cold. I wanted to HEAT things up, so I thought a flaming skull was appropriate, especially since I did a snowman yesterday.

I hope you like it Terra!

And as I said before, Kapital Kidvention is coming up and if you are NOT Registered, Click on the image below to go directly to their website and REGISTER!

Also, Terra Fender, will be teaching 2 classes at this convention that you don't want to miss!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 21 - Snowman Tutorial & NEW Footer Bar

I started by creating the body of the snowman before doing the video. I did not want it to take up to much time. So to tell you how I did the body, I used DiamondFX White and a sponge and created two large circles starting at the base of my neck and going down to my waistline. I then used another sponge and blended to make shadows using a dark greay blend with DiamondFX White and Black. To offset the body I coverd the rest with DiamondFX Light Blue and added DiamondFX Brown for tree limb arms. I used my #6 Round Brush and DiamondFX Black to created the coal buttons and outline the whole thing. Then you watched as I did the face using the same techniques. 

The final product looked amazing and I think I outdid myself again Here are the photos:

I know I should have twisted my arms more toward the camera, but I was doing it by myself on a tripod and I am not going back into the cold to take more photos. I am going to take a shower now, and you can read about my other stuff below.

I wanted to let you know that I have installed a Footer Bar into my blog to make it easier for you to interact with the me and my blog. It is an all-in-one resource and I have descriptions on everything the bar does below. Feel free to click on each part is you read about it to get familiar with it and learn.

I will break it down into 2 parts:

This is the Left side

This Connect button allows you to connect either through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace or LinkedIn. Once you have connected through one, two or all, you can make status updates directly from my blog. It will also connect you to my chat box at the far side of the bar.

Translate is especially good! You don't have to worry about loading a new page with translation, it will do it automatically when you choose the language. If you do not se your language here,Please let me know so I can add it.

Of course I do have the share button, so you can let all your friends and family know what is going on and get in on the action here on my blog.

The online button allows you to see who is on and where they are from in the world.

My Tweet button allows you to tweet this page or any other page or just your thoughts directly from my blog. And if you used the Connect button, you do not have to worry about resigning in and authorization, you will already have it.

This is the Right side and the most interactive when you use the Connect button on the far left.

You can subscribe to my blog feed by clicking this button. That way no matter where you are at, you will be up to date with my blog.

The Links feature is really cool, in that it actually opens it's own window without leaving the blog. Now you can take a look at my sponsors and even order from them without leaving. Especially DiamondFX!

My YouTube Video wall is just one of the coolest things on this bar. You can watch my past videos without having to scroll down or search for the day. The only problem with this is, if you want to learn more information, you will have to go to that days blog entry, this just plays the video. The order of the videos go down not right. So if you start with the first one, the next on will be below.

The Facebook button is also cool in that it is directly connected to my KatmandewFBA 365 Page, where you can Like it and even post comments on the wall directly from my blog.

My Twitter account can even be followed here and you can send direct messages to me at anytime from my blog.

Last but not least is the chat room. You can either log in directly to the chat or use the Connect button on the far left. Either way, if you are connected to, say Facebook, and you get a chat from your Facebook page, it will show up here in this bar and when you reply from here it will let the other person know that you are chatting from this blog. Isn't that cool!

Well, that is all I have to show you right now. If you have any comments or suggestions on things I can do to make this blog better, Please let me know with a comment below or a PM on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Thanks again for watching and Have Fun!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20 - Green Lantern & Batman Tutorials

If I said it in the video, I apologize, it is Christopher Nolan, NOT Nolan Ryan who is directing the Batman movie!

As I said in the video the Green Lantern will be out June 17th, 2011 and the New Batman movie called "The Dark Knight Rises" will be out in 2012. NO, there will be NO Riddler in the next installment, but there is talk of a NEW Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). Bane will also be making an appearance.

Also check out Nix Herrera or his upcoming site and check out his TRON Bodypainting he did for Playboy:

Now with the Green Lantern Mask I did, I used DiamondFX Dark Green for the base, DiamondFX Black to shadow and DiamondFX White to highlight all using a sponge. I then used my trusty #6 Round to outline and detail with DiamondFX Black and White.

When I did the Batman Mask, I combined the DiamondFX Black & White to make a dark grey color which I put on with a sponge over 75% of my head. Using DiamondFX Black I used the sponge to shadow and shade certain areas that needed to be darker. Using a sponge loaded with DiamondFX White, I created highlights. And like before I used my #6 Round to create all the details.

I hope you like what I did in this video and blog and hope to see your version in a Video Response on YouTube or Photos on Facebook tagged to me. All the links are in the previous blog, so if you have not seen it yet, scroll down and visit.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 - A little about Me!

As I promised, here are the links to where you can find out more about me and my partner, Aline Backes:
What else to tell you? I don't know! You will just have to wait for tomorrows video!

Have fun!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18 - Clown Tutorial & CONTEST!!!

I am putting this up here so you don't miss it: Go see my business partners website and share it with your friends. Fine Artistry By Aline Backes

Watch the whole video on how to enter in for this contest:

Half Friendly, Half Fiendish Clown Contest!

Contest is from today Jan. 18th, 2011 to Feb. 14th, 2011, Winners will be announced Feb. 16th, 2011

Rules for the contest:

1. You must be Subscribed to my channel
2. You must Like & Favorite this video
3. You must post a comment here (ONLY ONE COMMENT PER CONTESTANT)
4. You must Follow my Blog
5. You must Follow me on Twitter (
6. You must be a friend of mine on Facebook (
7. You must Share this video on Facebook or Twitter or Both
8. NO videos already used in other contests
9. Must be between 2-5 minutes long with 5 HiDef photos for Video Submissions and only 5 HiDef photos linked to my Facebook profile for the Photo Only Submissions
10. There is no age limit for this contest
11. Judging will be based on these citeria: Originality, Technique, Style, Use of Color & Overall Representation.

The Prizes are:

Video Entries - Extreme Facepainting, 50 Friendly & Fiendish Step-By-Step Demos book w/ Bonus DVD of 2 demos by Nick & Briam Wolfe

Photo Only Entries - 3 color Graftobian F/X Gelatin

All prizes will be shipped to the address of the winners choice at no cost to them. It may take 3-10 days to receive the prizes through regular First Class Mail. If you are oversees, it may take a little longer.

Here are examples of how the photos should look:

Friendly Clown 

Fiendish Clown 

Half & Half

Close Up Friendly 

Close Up Fiendish

Good Luck and I hope to see a lot of entries!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17 - Monkey

This tutorial was request by my friend and long time customer Rebecca Shortt. The colors I used are all DiamondFX: Brown, White, Yellow & Black. The only brush I used was my #6 Round.

Now I have to apologize for the video. There are parts where you really couldn't see what I was doing because i was looking down into my detail mirror. I will fix that in my next tutorial video by raising it to the same height as my camera. I made some funny annotations, so maybe my humor will cover the fact that I made the mistake. But at least I came up after each to show you what it looked like. Sorry!

Now as I said before, this was just a quick monkey face and Rebecca really wanted to see a partial monkey body painting. For that I am going to do an Orangutan where the monkey body is just on my torso and it will look awesome. So look out for that one and I may have my partner help me so you may meet her in the future, probably tomorrow as we work on the mural.

Yeah! We are going to Pigeon Forge to do a mural on a wall of a business there. Actually she will be doing the mural, while I stand back and make sarcastic remarks while dodging sharp object she throws at me. There will be no tutorial just a behind the scenes of what we are doing.

Leave a comment and I will see you tomorrow!