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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30 - Final Day Of Kapital Kidvention

Well to day was the final day for kapital Kidvention and we had a blast. As I promised here are the links to the interviewee's:

Now before I show you the Photos from the last jam and today's sessions, I want to say something personal.

I would like to thank Louis Meyer for having a great convention and being so supportive in all ideas and aspects of the convention. He did such a great job at bringing in the best in each field and combining them with business classes.  You did thank me for advertising, but as I said, it benefited us all not just the convention, myself or the others who attended. I look forward to seeing him and his wife Lynn next year. 

I want to thank Nick & Brian Wolfe for sharing their vast knowledge of face & body art with us and being such great and entertaining friends that go out of their way to help us be better in what we do by give such positive comments and jokes.

I personally want to thank Terra Fender for putting up with me and being critical when needed. I learned alot from her and will be able to implement better tactics for my business because of her. She is one of a kind and I am glad to be friends with her.

Erica Exline was one of the sweetest painters/vendors their and I am glad to have met her in person becam her friend. Her positivity exudes so much it causes smiles to radiate from every corner of the place she is in.

I also want to thank Brady Neher for correcting me on the pronunciation of his name and give critical feedback when one tries to copy his style. A new presenter, but bound for greatness. Keep up the good work and the extraordinary paintings!

Lyn Cole, you were one of the best friends I could make while at the convention and I love you for your patience in listening to me rant and repeat what you already know. Thank you for creating the wonderful body painting you did on me at the first jam session and the great snake face the second night. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Pam Trent, you are also my favorite person at the convention and I am also glad to have met you and become a friend. I really did love the fish face you did on me and the dragon you did on my back. I am sorry you did not get to use my back again the second night and I will make it up to you at a later date. You were so enthusiastic with all you did and I am sorry you did not get to jam more, but there is always next time. Look forward to the future.

Thank you Gen Keller for putting up with me and my videos, but you are wrong, you do not look or sound goofy on camera, you actually come across the opposite. I learned so much in your class and I was happy to have finally net you and make a lasting friendship. Your work is amazing and I really loved the Tribal Tiger you did on me.

Heather Unhola, I am glad you could make it down from Canada and I am glad I finally got to meet you. You are unique and very outgoing and I loved your sense of humor. Remember that no matter what happens you can always turn a bad situation around. I hope to meet you again, and you are always welcome to stop by on your way down to Bristol!

Marcela "mama Clown" Murad, you are an inspiration for good nature. I am glad to have finally met you and talk to you and become a friend. I love your work and how you handle your business and put yourself out there for anyone who want or needs to talk to you. You always carry an infectious smiles and it spreads like wildfire when you step into a room.

Last I would like to thank, Kerri Caldwell, Jody, Christine Cots, Jennifer Moselen, Nancy Long, Erin Ray, Natasha, Anne Lawrence, Barbara Scheeler, Suzan, Carol Collins, Ginny Sieminski, Michelle Heffner, Linda Admas, Ashley Pickin, Luci Duhl, and everybody else who I met and became friends with and shared ideas, techniques and smiles! You are all great in your own individual way and I hope to meet you all again in the future.

When I said Heather was welcome to stop by my place, that invitation was also extended to everyone that attended the convention. I look forward to next years Kidvention and see you all again unless you take me up on my offer to visit me personally.

Thank you for watching my videos and giving me positive feedback. Keep watching this blog, because it will only get better from here on out.

And now what you have been waiting for: PHOTOS!


  1. Congradulations on getting free registration for next year - well deserved, for sure!
    Have a safe trip home,

  2. Thanks for the kind words. You always had a smile on your face every time that I saw you. Take care!

  3. Congratulations! Sorry not to be with you all this year. Last year I LOVED the enthusiasm of all the face and body are so much more full of life and passionate about your art than some of the magicians lol!!! Jolly Roger

  4. You are more than welcome - any time!

  5. Hey, I'd say thanks for the kind words but you left me out..LOL but thanks for posting the pic I painted of your was the only painting I did all weekend..other than a few kids the last was a great time, nice meeting you
    Ny Bodyart Guild Michelle ;0)