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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34 - Shark Teeth

I was going to have a surprise video for you today, but since my partner is sick, she is going to do it tomorrow instead. Her name is Aline Backes and I talked about her in past videos. Tomorrows video, I will talk more about her, show off some of her work (Framed so you know it is real and not digital) and let her talk to you about herself. It will be interesting, because she will not tell me what she is painting and my back will be turned to the camera while she is painting. We will only find out what it is once she is done and I turn back to the camera and mirror. I can't wait!

Because of this predicament, I had to go on Facebook and post a status question. I asked "I need an idea for a video right NOW! The first full face & neck suggestion I get I will do for todays video. Make it Interesting and NO Drag Queen suggestions"

Shannon Nicholson Carver requested "Shark" so That is what I did. But I had the idea to make the neck the open mouth.

I am not a great artist like my partner Aline or Nick & Brian Wolfe, Terra Fender, Mark Reid, Alex Hanson, Craig Tracy, or Verushka, but I am getting there and with practice I will get better. So this is my interpretation and it can always be adjusted and worked on to make it better.

I would love to see your rendition of this face & neck design, do it, take a picture and post it on my wall! Also there is no such thing as bad criticism, so tell me what you like or don't like about it, how I can make it better or tell me "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

So with that being said, here are the photos:

I also talked about Kapital Kidventions DVD set and you can buy the 2010 DVD set for $150 and covers a lot of entertainment business information, but not a lot about face painting. It is a must have for any entertainment individual or business. you can find it here

I will put up a link to the 2011 DVD set when it is available! It too is a must have and you will be able to see full length un-edited classes from Terra Fender, the Wolfe Bros., Bray Neher, Pam Trent, Lynn Cole, & Gen Keller. All your favorites in one place and you will not be disappointed.

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  1. I have just been lurking on FB and watched this video. It's kinda cool that you are doing this. I will have to start paying more attention.

  2. i saw these photos in "yousaytoo" i liked it, it's amazing and nice blog....