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Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 35 - SURPRISE!!!

Okay, so I promised you a surprise I hope hope it was worth my time doing it for you.

My business partner, Aline Backes is a great and wonderful artist, and when she suggested doing this, I was all up for it. The only thing was she did not want to tell me what it was she was doing. I love it and how it came out and I think you will agree that she is very talented! All her portraits are hand drawn in charcoal & pastel and can be finished and shipped in less than a week. Oils take about 12-16 weeks, but are well worth the price you pay for them. When she does a portrait, she prefers to use photos that are not posed, photos that have a story to them are the best to have done and are more meaningful!

You can actually order a portrait from her online or call her at 276-525-0872 to place an order. Now if you have already visited her website, then you will know that she is not cheap. You will definitely get what you pay for with her and she does accept payment plans. Her usual deposit is 50% of the total price, but if you order today, she will only ask for 25% down. So go to her site and call her and place an order for a unique hand drawn or painted portrait of a loved one. Great as a gift! You can visit her website at:

Another person who I mentioned in the video was, Paul Hernandez, who owns Hennawi House Body Art out of Pensacola, FL. He does Natural Henna, Airbrush Tattoos and Face & Body Painting and is available for Parties, Festivals, Corporate Events.You can contact him by phone, 850-255-8436 or visit his website at or email at

Also I mentioned I am trying to quit smoking and would like some help from my friends here, on Facebook, YouTube and anywhere else you can find me. Leave a message or comment as to how you quit smoking and what helped you do it. This support is better than money as it will save me a lot by not buying $3-$5 packs of cigarettes.

If you want you can send me some Nicorette gum, patches, electronic cigarette or anything else you think would help to PO Box 1042, Abingdon, VA 24212

Thanks, and bearwith me as my videos might get a little crazy from the lack of Nicotine!

Here are the photos of the face:


  1. If you would like support in quitting smoking- I'm your girl! lol I can share all the nasty details of having cancer if you would like. Sad thing: I've never smoked a cig in my life :( I've seen many people go through cancer who have smoked and let me tell you what- I'm living to tell you about it... most of them aren't. Good luck on your hard journey ahead- but I'm sure you can do it. Bobby (my husband) has said a few times that he want's to try to quit- but he hasn't done it yet. I'm not going to harass him about it because I know if he's not doing it yet, he truly isn't ready yet. There is no use in doing it until he is ready. I'll tell you a very important thing I was told in my cancer support group: There is no such thing as trying. "Try" to breathe. You can't "try"... you either do it or you don't. By breathing while "trying"- you have succeeded in breathing- rather than "trying to breathe"... get it? Idk if my point is coming across correctly. It's hard to explain using written words. Instead of saying that you are going to try to quit, or that you want to quit... just quit and tell people that you have quit. It's more empowering that way and you train your brain to focus on quitting rather than conditioning your subconscious brain to focus on how hard it is to quit by saying that you are "trying".

  2. making fun of the mentall;y challenged not cool! 42 minutes and you didn't even know what you were supposed to be. staring at the back of your head was an improvement instead of staring at your face. Your secret admirer! Marybel love ya