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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Here is the email that started all this today. Read it from bottom to top!


You don't have to write back since you stated that was your last correspondence with me, but I want to tell you that nothing I said was a lie. How can you call it a lie when I took snapshots of the messages Lacary Steele made on others sites? How can you look at them and say their is no racism or prdjudice? How can Mr. Steele tell lies himself and claim them as truth? If you would like to take me to court and settle this, I will be happy to supply them with pages of documentation and statements by artists who you have wronged. This is a losing battle for you and you can either do right by apologizing to the artists who Mr. Steele attacked and retract all indecent remarks or you can go down a road you really do not want to.

Thank you for your time in corresponding with me, but as a professional in this feild, I will not back down from what is right!

Daniel Lasris
Owner/Youth Coordinator & 2nd VP VHF
Katmandew Face & Body Art
16253 Wyndale Rd
Abingdon, VA 24212
865-385-2068 - My Main Website - My 365 Day Blog - Subscription Tutorial Website

----- Original Message -----
From: Aamusement
Sent: 06/17/11 03:29 PM
Subject: Re: Online issue

Everything. Very few statements have little truth although most are out 
right lies. This will be our last e-mail. Thanks Mark 

-----Original Message----- 
From: Daniel Lasris <> 
To: Aamusement <> 
Sent: Fri, Jun 17, 2011 2:01 pm 
Subject: Re: Online issue 

Dear Mark Breland, 

  What do I need to retract? I have not said anything that was not true 
and have statements to back it up. If you want to try and come after 
me, you can, but will lose, so make your decision wisely before you dig 
yourself in deeper hole! 

 Daniel Lasris 
 Owner/Youth Coordinator & 2nd VP VHF 
 Katmandew Face & Body Art 
 16253 Wyndale Rd 
 Abingdon, VA 24212 
 865-385-2068 - My Main Website - My 365 Day Blog - Subscription Tutorial Website 
           ----- Original Message -----     From: Aamusement     Sent: 
06/17/11 02:42 PM     To:     Subject: Online 
           Hi Mr Daniele:  My name is Mark Breland i'm Mr. Steele's 
assistant.  He wanted me to inform you you need to make a video asap 
retracting everything you have said. Also write on all blogs same 
retraction. Or else.  Thanks 

Here are the links to the 2 blog entries and video he wants me to retract:

If you would like to post your thoughts on this or if you have been wronged by this company, PLEASE make a statement here:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 168 - SHUT UP & PAINT!

Okay, this all started when I was sent a Facebook message concerning another individual using photos of work that is not theirs. Before actually researching who this person was, I jumped the gun and made it my mission to stop them like I did with A-Amusement Performers. I stuck my nose where it did not belong. I wrote an email to this person threatening him with lawsuits if he did not remove the photos. I also contacted all those who's photos were used through a Facebook message. I got one really good reply back and here is that conversation"

Nick Wolfe: Do me a favor and don't do me any favors! I put my pictures up to share. Not to be an" indian giver". I hear this way of thinking all the time and let me tell you Daniel, it will get you nowhere. The sun gives and never expects the Earth to thank it. Align yourself with the universe and be like the sun!If you give and expect,you open yourself up for dissappointment. The pictures are not the art. The art has been washed off. You never win a lawsuit over Facebook copyright. You may just look like a whiny bitch. Shut up and paint!

Love, Nick :)

Me: Thanks Nick! I will take your advice! I just don't like others taking credit for another's work.

Nick Wolfe: Ps . If you knew anything about face painting lawsuits, you would know how silly that letter is.

Me: I would not really do a lawsuit anyways. I just use it as a scare tactic since everyone is afraid of them. Thanks for being so upfront and honest, I appreciate it. I will bother you no longer with these matters.

Nick Wolfe: Thanks for understanding! I am passing along my13 years of facepainting wisdom to you. I've never seen harm done by someone who uses other people's work (except to the artist's ego) and I've never heard of ANYTHING good come from a dispute. Facepaint = Good. Complaining = Bad. I am actually a little jealous when someone else's art is "stolen" and not mine! Have they SEEN my work??? :P I would never steer you wrong and at the risk of sounding arrogant,I have one of the best reputations in the industry.

Me: I love what you are saying and I hope this is a flattering question, can I use what you said in tomorrows blog. I think you are the most intelligent artist out of us all when it comes to disputes and how to deal with them. I am going to take what I learned today and pass it along for others to learn from too. Thank you again. Oh and I guess my work is not that great as I am fighting for everyone else, but none of my photos are being used. I need to step back and away from this. I have done enough, it is up to everyone else to do what they will from this point forward.

Nick Wolfe: Of coarse you can quote me and don't give me credit. I usually try to let go and leave everyone be but I know you are out there. You are just like a press microphone and I would love to see more leaders emerge form this business. When the people everyone looks up to fall short, I get disappointed. I suppose I wouldn't be me without them being them but we are all one and I want us to be the best we can be!

Nick even sent me a copy of the Article he wrote for Illusions Magazine #14, which is out right now, and it has some really enlightening points. A must read for every face & body painter.

But because of this conversation, I had to go back and research this individual and find out more about them. I found out he was at FABAIC and also was in the Body Painting Competition. His piece was the female tiger with the red armor. It was my favorite of the night (I don't know why) I wrote him a Facebook message apologizing for my email, but that he should still take down the images that are not his. I had a conversation with him last night and he was very concerned that he offended people and wanted to make it right. He is fixing this problem as we speak and he wants everyone to know it was not his intention to claim the photos as his own, he just wanted to show them off. If you want to check out his work learn more about this wonderful artist, click on this link

OH and if you would like to order the issues of Illusions Magazine that Nick & Brian Wolfe have their articles, just click on the images below.

 Issue #13 - Brian's Article

Issue #14 - Nick's Article

If you would like a yearly subscription to this magazine, just click the image below.

You can also goto to to find the latest and great information about our face & body painting community along with contests.

Until tomorrow, HAPPY PAINTING!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 167 - Last FREE Live FABATV Workshop

If you missed last nights LIVE workshop you can check it out here! Marcela "Mama Clown" Murad's 4th of July Designs!

This was another success for FABATV and Marcela did a great job! Her smile just brightens up your day and makes the models just melt with enthusiasm to get painted. She did 6 really great designs and then finished with a Brand new design on Leah. These were some of the best and quickest 4th of July designs I have ever seen and will probably do them all this year at Jonesborough Days.

Remember this was your last chance to see a FREE Live workshop, now you will have to purchase a subscription for either $25/month or $250/year (for a limited time) so you can get 24/7 exclusive access to all their videos. They will have 4 new videos a month along with 1 Live workshop. So get going and click on

As always, until tomorrow,  HAPPY PAINTING!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 166 - Week In Review

Relay for Life was in Tazewell, VA this past Saturday Night and I had a blast painting and having fun. I wanted to get more photos and video, but I forgot my 8GB SD card in my computer at home. So what you see is what you get. Oh, and yes they have a drag queen contest and the guys walk around the track collecting donations for their team. Don't ask me who one, I did not stay long enough to find out.

Reference these 2 links to learn more about A-Amusement Performers:
If you want to look them up then Google "A-Amusement Performers", "Lacary Steele" & "Julie Steele"
I have said enough in the video and in my blog entries, it is now up to you to find out more about them and put a stop to their thievery. 

FABATV is your best resource for Face & Body Painting workshops online. Now they still have their introductory prices at $25/month or $250/year, but here is what you get:

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Added Perks of a FABATV subscription 
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Click this pic to go directly to the subscription page.

Tonight at 8PM EST you will be able to catch the LAST FREE LIVE FABATV WORKSHOP. So make sure you tune in by clicking on the pic below to go directly to the Live Workshop page. After tonight, you must subscribe in order to see the Monthly LIVE Workshop they we have.

And of course I could not pass up the opportunity to promote FABAIC 2012. It will be bigger and better and a lot more creative. If there is one place you have to be on Memorial weekend, it is at the Face & Body Art International Convention. So click on the pic below to go directly to their website.

This is the email I am using for all questions you have for my Q&A video I will do once a month. so get your questions in. They can be anything from "How did you get started?" to "What is your favorite brush?" and if you have a question on technique, go ahead  and ask and I will demonstrate it in the video.

Now that you have all this information I have given, I bid you adieu and say HAPPY PAINTING! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 165 - Fast Faces

I was asked to do some fast boy faces, so I decided to make a tutorial with about 5 quick face designs. Each one can be modified and made your own. I only have 4 photos of what I did, I forgot to take a picture of the 3 face, but then again, I did not like that one very much anyways.

I hope you enjoy and Happy Painting!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 164 - Skull Mask Tutorial

Thought I would do a tutorial today and here it is! Hope you enjoy and Happy Painting!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 163 - Day of Rest

I am taking a day of rest from going after thieves! I am going to clean house and chat on Facebook and Skype if anyone wants to talk shop.

Also, I forgot to put my SD card in my camcorder last night so I don't have a lot of videos or photos of Relay for Life for Wednesday's video. I am beating myself up for it.

So until tomorrow, HAPPY PAINTING!