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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25 - BodyFX Prosthetic Review (Extensive)

I received a package yesterday in my mail box. It actually fit, because it was in a plastic mail envelope and not a box. I noticed it was from New Zealand and I started to jump up and down in joy, not to mention keeping myself warm as it is still pretty cold outside. I was pretty surprised, after running back inside and warming up next to the fireplace, that I was sent several more prosthetics than I had expected. They asked me, Yolanda & Julian Bartram owners of BodyFX, what I would like to demonstrate and I told them the Cat face, since I am a tiger, and a monster prosthetic, because someone asked for a demonstration of a monster. Needless to say, I was not disappointed by what I got. Here is what they sent me:

Cat Nose & Mouth w/ Ears (See below for photos of how it was used)

Frog Mouth w/ holes for Teeth 

Avatar Nose & Brow Piece 

Pig Snout 

Monster Bone Eye Mask

These are just a few of their Prosthetic, check out more in their Online Store

Now I already used the Pig Snout yesterday to see how well the piece works and the proper use of adhesion. I used Liquid Latex to adhere the piece to my nose and let it dry. I them wriggled my face in all sorts of contorted positions and found it held quite well. I then painted just the prosthetic and the surrounding skin to see how well the paint matched when dry. It matched excellently and went on without any problems, like painting a new born butt! I was happy at this point, but needed to try on last test. Washing it to use again. Well, the piece is clean and is drying out right now so I can test it again tomorrow. As long as you use liquid latex it is an easy cleanup, but if you use spirit gum, it will make the piece unusable as it destroys it when removed. These prosthetics are fragile, lightweight and breathable, but can be easily torn if not used correctly.

Here are photos of what it looks liked applied to the face and painted:

With all that being said, I have to say, that these are some of the best prosthetics you can buy on the bodyart market. These even surpass Woochie, which is stiff, annoying & sweaty if left on for to long. I definitely recommend BodyFX Prosthetics for all your 3D needs!

Visit them right now at:

or Contact them at:

BodyFX Wellington
Production Studio, 320 Moores Valley Rd, Wainuiomata, Wellington
+64 4 5647010 / 021 522423

BodyFX Auckland
Retail Store, 5 Prescott St, Penrose, Auckland
+64 9 2700033 / 021 430045

Or you can click the "Links" button on my Footer Bar and open a window right here. But whatever you do, you need to order these prosthetics straight from them!

Now for something special!

I am holding another contest and here is how you enter:
  1. You must goto my Cafe Press Store and buy one of my T-shirts
  2. You must take a picture of yourself wearing that T-shirt
  3. Post the picture on your Facebook account and Tag me in it
  4. Not all the people that buy a T-shirt will enter the contest, so your odds are greater if you buy multiple T-shirts. But you may only submit on photo!
  5. Only 1 winner will be picked at random!
  6. The contest ends when 100 T-shirts are sold (this could be in a week or 6 months, you decide if you want the prize now or later)


Your prize will be 2 BodyFX Prosthetic: Steampunk 3 Sctratches and Motherboard & Chip Skin worth a total of $72.
 These are what the pieces look like:

So GOOD LUCK and let's see those Pictures!

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