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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180 - Week in Review

Like I said in the video, Lorie Rockwell McLelland, you will be receiving your t-shirt in about a week after I  mail it out on Tuesday, July 5th. I hope you enjoy and sorry for the delay!

To find out more about what happened with A-Amusement Performers, see the this entry

This past weekend I attended the White Lightning Festival in Tazewell, TN. It was their 2nd year and it was not as busy as we thought it would be. I did sell a lot of hair feathers and had plenty of time to paint some more new designs on faces. In fact we made friends with a vendor who does topiaries and we turned their 7 year old daughter into a living topiary. Hear are some photos of what we did:

 If you are wondering why my nails are black, there is no reason other than I wanted to do something different, just like the feathers in my hair. And if you noticed the video accidentally cut off where I got my first feather, but if you have been keeping up with my videos, then you would know I got them at FABAIC.

July 4th is coming up and the weekend promises to be really good for us in the face painting community, and on Facebook we have our Theme of the Week group which is about Independence Day and has some really great ideas there. If you have a Facebook account, you can go to this link and see all the photos others have posted:

On July 6th, I will be doing my first commissioned body painting for a person in Italy! I will post one, and only one, photo in next weeks blog so you can see what I did!

Now for some great news! The Virginia Highlands Festival is just around the corner, July 23rd - Aug 7th! This year we have so much going on it will blow your mind! You can check out my page on my website or the official Website to find out more!

2011 Online Edition of Highlander Magazine

Until tomorrow, HAPPY PAINTINGS!

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