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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 71 - Day 1 of San Francisco Plantation

So, I said I was not going to do any face painting, because there were 2 already, but 1 decided not to stay and that opened it up for me. Now I am face painting and making more smiles!

There are a lot of good vendors and the food and drinks are excellent. So if you get a chance, come out and visit!

Here are some photos from today:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 69-70 - On the road again!

I am currently in Kenner, LA and if you are in the area and want to get together for a small jam tonight, give me a call at 865-385-2068.

This is where the "Sick Child" question came from. It explains more and answers a few questions I did not in the video. Take a look it is the whole conversation:

Daniel Lasris
Just an answer to a couple of questions! Let me know what you think!
So I was asked a question that I already answered in earlier videos, but since some do not want to watch all my early videos, I am going to answer it again. AngelsandFaes and AintMizzBehavin, from YouTube, asked "How did you become interested in face & body painting?" And, "Do you know any other ar

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    • Angie Mazzara Question for your blog: If you have a child in your line who has a bad cold how do you tell him no, without hurting his feelings?
      Wednesday at 4:29pm · 

    • Daniel Lasris Good question and I will answer that in my next video. But I will tell you, no matter how you tell them, it is still going to hurt!
      Wednesday at 4:42pm · 
    • As far as the other comments I made in the video, they are pretty much self explanatory. Let's see what happens tomorrow.
Thanks for all the questions and keep them coming!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68 - A question I was asked again!

So I was asked a question that I already answered in earlier videos, but since some do not want to watch all my early videos, I am going to answer it again. AngelsandFaes and AintMizzBehavin, from YouTube, asked "How did you become interested in face & body painting?" And, "Do you know any other art besides face & body painting?" These are really good questions and with the first one, you can watch this video or my Day 10 video.

To answer a question not in the video, I started out with Snazaroo and then worked my way to Paradise & Kryolan and then Wolfe. DiamondFX is my newest paint and I am in love with it.

As for the second question, I have not been much of a flat canvas art person. I do know a lot about other art and I am a very crafty person, but I do not really do any other art than face & body painting. I like working with non-flat surfaces that are pliable and move freely. I can create almost anything I like in any medium, but prefer the human canvas.

I was once an art instructor at the Boys & Girls Club in Sevierville, TN and taught the kids to be as creative as they could. That just because they had a pencil, pen, marker or paint, that what they are drawing or painting does not have to be exactly what they are trying to create. Every artist has their own representation of art and that is why we are all different. I eve taught them it does not have to make sense to others as long as it does to them. Art is a reflection of your emotions and character. When you are happy, you use bright bold colors with soft lines and shapes. When you are sad, you use dark colors with jagged sharp lines and harsh imagery.

I have said everything else in the video and still keep to practicing my art on the human form instead of canvas. Maybe in the future I will change my mind and start creating works of art that I can sell in galleries. I will let you know when that day comes!

Thanks for asking these questions and please don't be afraid to ask anything, even if I have answered it in another video or blog post.

Here are the links I promised:

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Distinctive Fabrics -

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 67 - Happy Mardi Gras!

I want to personally wish everyone a Happy Mardi Gras and try not to get too drunk!

I am not going to be setup anywhere today, but I do have a small workshop I am going to do with my partners granddaughter to teach her a little more face painting and henna. I will post photos below when we do. 

Everything thing else is in the video and I am not going to bore you with repetitive typing. So watch the video instead of reading this.

I said stop reading!

Fine, be that way, read all you want, But I am not typing anymore! Look out for photos below!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 66 - No More For Now & Help Wanted!

As I said in the video, I am not going to be doing any more face paintings or tutorials right now so that I can conserve what I have for the festivals and events I will be doing the next couple of weeks. I have not received the package I was sent with the DiamondFX paints yet, so I need to save everything I have for when I really need it.

Now I do have to do some training with my partners granddaughter and I will probably post those photos in upcoming blogs so you can see how good she is.

What I really want to do for you right now is, answer any and all questions you might have on the subject of face and body art. So go ahead and ask whatever you want and in the next few videos I will answer them for you personally. I don't care what the question is, it will be answered. You can post your questions here in the blog, on YouTube or on Facebook. The more questions I have the better.

Also, I have been asked if I am going to attend LA Fete in New Orleans this year, but I tell them I am going to be in Fairhope, AL for an arts & crafts show. I will be in the area before and after the show, so if you want to get together for a jam or just to meet, contact me any way to can even by phone, 865-385-2068.

One last thing before I go, I am looking for ONE face painter to help me in Fairhope this year and I am paying them $360 for the weekend, plus whatever tips they make. That is all I can afford at this time and if it works out well, there may be a BONUS at the end of the weekend. The only stipulation in this, is that they have to pay for their own travel, lodging & food. So if you are interested, please contact me ASAP.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65 - SNOW???

So I get to the Flea Market today and no more than 30 minutes pass when I look put through the glass double doors and see a whirlwind of white fly by. We were only supposed to get strong showers and instead got over 1 1/2 inches of snow!

Other than that it was a better day and I did a few more faces than yesterday.

Not much more to say, but tomorrow will be better when I make a few more tutorials. Also I will be getting ready for our trip south to festivals and events that we will be doing. Look out for those videos!

Here are the photos from yesterday and today at the flea market: