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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 50 - Going to Scrape Windows

I just woke up and decided to make my video early, since I will be in Pigeon Forge today scraping windows of their Winter paintings to prep them for the Spring paintings. That is why my hair is a mess and you need to stop laughing at me.

There are going to be some major changes in the way I am going to be making my videos. Unfortunately, they will still be the same quality with the bad backdrop and lighting, but I am going to make my videos easier to watch. All my videos will be short at around 5-10 minutes in length. I am doing this because most people are saying that my videos are too long. Now in all actuality my videos will still be the same length, I am just editing them to create 2 videos out of one. Instead of watching a 45 minute video, you will see a 5-10 minute video with the tutorial cut out. The tutorial will be placed on another website, where I will be charging a subscription fee to watch them. The tutorials are going to be more professional and highly informative. The YouTube videos will just be the beginning and ending of the original video that covers some information and the final product of the tutorial and that is why it will be short.

I will give you more information when I am able to do another tutorial and you will see how it works.

Until tomorrow, have fun!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49 - You Have A Choice!

Today is a funky day and I have mixed emotions. So I am giving you a choice to either watch a Happy Video or an Angry Video or Both!

I will not be going into details as the videos will speak for themselves. All the information on each video will be in the info bar on the respective YouTube video.

This is just life and needs to be dealt with in different ways, so I am giving you the choice on what video to watch! Choose wisely!

WARNING! The Angry Video has some cussing in it and is not appropriate for children under 18. 
I have removed the Angry Video

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 48 - Picasso Fleurs De Lis

So let me begin with telling you that these videos are not in home workshops, but entertainment for you with a little class!  All the paintings I am doing are first time face paintings, they are not ones that I am demonstrating for everyday use. If I was to give a workshop through these videos, a couple of things would happen:
  1. I would have a more professional workspace
  2. I would have better equipment to make these videos with
  3. I would be charging a monthly subscription fee
  4. I would have models to work on
  5. I would be instructing you in a more professional manner
These things being said, I am NOT giving an online WORKSHOP!

If you would like me to do online workshops, I can do what I listed above, but I would like for you to enjoy my videos for their entertainment value not just what I am demonstrating. If you would like to hire me for a workshop you can find all the information in my Day 46 blog entry or fill out the form at the bottom of this entry.

Now the demonstration I did today is a request and it has come up a bunch of times, so I decided to do it today. Now I hope you did not think it was going to be a fine work of art. Picasso has a style that cannot truly be matched by any artist. So I did the best I could and am happy with the outcome. The other request I had was to do a Fleurs De Lis since I will be in Louisiana the month of March. I have a good photo of it and it is simple to create. Great for Mardi Gras.

I also hope you enjoyed the beginning and ending of the video as I was asked if I did a video of the jester face I created yesterday. I made a short video to show what it looks like with facial movement, then I decided to video the process of washing it off! I just wanted to do something different and hope you enjoyed it.

My partner, Aline Backes, & her granddaughter Savannah are going to paint my face tomorrow, but it will not be like last time. I am going to cover the mirror so I cannot see what they are painting, but I will be facing the camera so you will get to see everything they are doing.

If you want to see what my partner does, go to her website If you go today and order a portrait from her, she will give you 25% OFF your order TODAY ONLY! You can also call her at 276-525-0872

Here are the photos from todays video:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47 - Contest Winners & Windmill Tutorial!

Well the Day 18 - Friendly/Fiendish Clown Contest is over and I have a definite winner. I think you will agree with me that this person had Originality, Technique, Style, Use of Color & Overall Representation at the highest level. AnaArthur81 is our WINNER! She just needs to contact me by phone (865-385-2068), email ( or PM me on Facebook or YouTube with her address so I can send out the prize. 

Now I was thinking last night and I only had 2 prizes to give and AnaArthur81 and Shannon Randolph got them, but since I had just a few contestants, I will be giving my How-To Dew 10 Faces to the other contestants FREE of charge in a PDF format. So Simply Kendra, AintMizzBehavin & PowerfulFlamingRose need to contact me via email so I can send them the attached How-To Dew Book! This is just a thanks for being supportive and entering my contest. Please also make a video showing off one of the designs in my How-To Dew book so others can see how easy it is to create something and make it look good.

I am sure there were many more that wanted to enter, but did not have a chance. I DO NOT extend my contests, that just leaves it open longer and people still wait till the last moment. My prizes are legit and you will see once they receive them. I am asking that they make a video response with the prizes they have won to show that it is real.

I will have more contest coming soon and I still have the other contest which you can reference in yesterdays blog entry.

Now on to the tutorial!

I had a request for a Dutch design with a windmill and tulips. Paula from the Netherlands requested this since she works with the floral industry there. the tutorial is short but it is fun to do and I think I did a pretty good job, but if you think you can top me (and I want you to try) post a video response or  photo on Facebook.

Thanks again for watching my video and visiting my blog.

Here are the photos:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46 - Workshop & Contest Info!

So today I wanted to let you know that the Day 18 - Friendly/Fiendish Clown Contest is now CLOSED. I will be judging the video entries on a scale of 1-5 for Originality, Technique, Style, Use of Color and Overall Representation. If there is a Tie, I will be giving both winners the Extreme Facepainting Book and DVD. I will be announcing the winner(s) in my Feb 16th video. There is already a winner for the Photo Entry part and that is Shannon Randolph-Simms. She was the only one who entered into the photo part. So, Shannon, contact me and give me your address so I can ship the Graftobian 3D F/X Gelatin to you ASAP.

Since Shannon won the F/X Gelatin, she is not eligible for the Book, so check out the four contestants who are eligible:
There are still 2 contests OPEN:
  1. 1000 Subscribers Contest - Randomized selection of winner, A personal 3 Day workshop where you will learn ANYTHING you want without restriction!
  2. 100 T-Shirt Contest - Must buy & wear at least 1 T-Shirt from my CafePress Store and post a photo on the Facebook Fan page, Randomized selection of winner, $100 worth of BodyFX Prosthetics
If you would like to purchase my How-To Dew Book in PDF format for $5, Click Here!

Now, if you are interested in hiring me for a workshop, here are the details:
  • $150 covers a 2 day, 6 hour w/ a 1 hour lunch workshop of your choice for each day (11AM-6PM). If you would like to add a 3rd day it is $50 extra per registration ($200) 5 student minimum & Host is FREE (Total 6 students) The choices are:
  • Beginner Face Painting - Learning sponge & brush technique, blending, line work & basic faces
  • Intermediate Face Painting - Learning more detailed faces like what I show in the videos and how to market yourself out to the public better. (This is great for quick design for parties & Festivals)
  • Beginner Body Painting - Learning the techniques to painting on the human form to make it flattering and illusionary.
  • Animal Prints - An extensive look at animal face paintings and the different prints that they have such as, tiger, zebra, cheetah, leopard, jaguar, giraffe and more. This does include some body painting. (This is great for quick design for parties & Festivals)
  • Zombie & Gore - Not only teaching you how to paint a zombie, but how to act like one too. This also covers wounds, cuts, gouges, and bloody effects.
  • Corsets, Dresses & Jeans - this is a long class and is a body painting lesson. I teach how to create hand drawn meshing, lace, lacing and more.
  • Abstract Face & Body Painting - A fun class that shows you that you do not have to conform to the norm and follow a color wheel. That there is no form to the art, but the art itself! This is a fun and messy class. (This is great for quick design for parties & Festivals)
  • All classes are fun and are very hands on. I do not like to see a student with a brush down. By the end of the class, if no one has paint on them, then they are really not into it in the first place.
  • If you live in a 50 mile radius of Abingdon, VA or in the Asheville, NC area, there is NO cost for travel or lodging. Everywhere else requires a $0.50 per mile travel cost and lodging must be provided.
  • NO in-house workshops. There must be a professional classroom atmosphere in a place outside a private home. A community center or small conference room is an acceptable choice.
  • NO children under the age of 16. These workshops are professional and must be conducted as such without distractions from unruly and easily distracted children.
You can contact me 3 different ways:
  1. Call me at 865-385-2068
  2. Email me at
  3. Contact me on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter
Also, if you are, know or can contact someone from Mountain Dew and get me in the door, I will LOVE you for life and give you a big shout out in one of my videos!

Thanks for visiting my blog, watching my videos and subscribing to my YouTube Channel! I appreciate all the support given through page views, comments and personal messages!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45 - Quicky!

I was able to make a quick video for you today, so I am happy. There are going to be some times when I will not have internet connections and not be able to make videos, so I will be making videos in advance for those days so you don't miss a day.

I have given you information on how to deal with the new Facebook and if you have any other questions you need help with, call me at 865-385-2068 and I will walk you through it!

Thanks for being loyal watchers and I hope you keep watching and enjoying! So I will sign off for today and hope you look forward to tomorrows video!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 44 - The Chin-A-Gins & Last Day of Workshop!

Having some upload problems, but the video will be up as soon as possible. 

The workshop was a success and we had lots of fun. Made new friends and had a great time learning new things as well as teaching. Today was a lot more structured and was able to introduce new techniques that will allow them easier ways to create faces in a quicker fashion.

Had a little fun at the same time with our Chin-A-Gins! Everyone was laughing their butts off!

Here are a few photos: