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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 39 - NEW Intros, Cracked Up & Mike!

I do want to make a correction on a shout out that was given to me by PowerfulFlamingRose. The first photo she shows in her video of me is a face painting actually done by Gen Keller of SparklesDesigns out of NY and it was done at Kapital Kidvention during here Whimsical Tribal class. You can check out Kapital Kidvention by going back to my Day 28 entry!

I had a couple suggestions for my video today, but the first one I did was stuck in my head all night and I had to do it. It is not exactly what I imagined, but it came out okay. The second one I did of Mike from Monsters Inc. (Not my best work) was actually a suggestion by PowerfulFlamingRose. There was another suggestion and I did not see it until it was too late, UltraPunchy requested a full head Sully from Monsters Inc. and I promised him I would do it in tomorrows video. I hope you liked them and will comment if there is something I can do to make them better.

I am also asking that you choose a new Intro for my video. Below are the 3 intros to choose from marked 1A, 2B, 3C. Choose your favorite and comment with the ID and I will find out which one everyone likes better and use that intro from now on. If you want to create an intro for me, please do and you can use the photos on here, in my Facebook Fan Page and Profile and anywhere else you can find my photos. If you do make an intro for me, I will post it in a video and give you a shout out and link to any site you want as Thanks.

Here are the Intros:



If you would like to make an intro like this, goto
You can sign up for FREE and make 30 sec videos at no cost.
If you want longer videos that aren't branded, you can subscribe to their service starting at $5/month

Here are the links to the YouTube Channels for those who have entered into my Friendly/Fiendish Clown Contest:

Here are the photos from the video:

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