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Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 38 - Gnome & Roach

For have over 400 subscribers on YouTube, I asked for a special request for a tutorial. I did not get exactly what I wanted, but 2 people did comment. Bobby asked again for a Gnome design, so I did the Garden Gnome face painting and Shannon Nicholson Carver asked for a cockroach, so I did Dr. Roach from Monsters VS. Aliens. Sorry I can't remember the characters name in the movie, so he is Dr. Roach to me.

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At the end of the video I asked for a detailed comment on what you want me to do a tutorial of. So send in those comments and let's have fun!

Here are the photos:

Bonus Video

Painters in Wonderland Contest Entry

Here is the making of it for Jelli Nelli and Henry Zevenburg

I was bored again and asked "Who would like to see me do a half cat body painting Bonus video? Tell me what colors to use and whether to do stripes, spots or both." This is what I got:

Jelli Nelli Memememememe!!!!, cheshire cat!!, lavender and purple and pink!!!

Well I changed it around to fit me and decides to do a full front upper body painting! It was fun, but not my best work. I hope you like and enjoy it!

Here are those Photos:


  1. How about the combination of what you learned & explanation of a design from kidvention?

  2. I am going to do that, but first I need to confirm with Louis Meyer when the DVD set will be available to the public. I don't want to give away too much, the DVD set is worth buying when it's out!

  3. Daniel I love it!!!!, love whatching you paint from start to finish, impromptu boogies and getting in the zone!! How you painted the watch was fab, I learned a lot too!!, Fantastic!!!, as always!!!