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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40 - Sully

Well, I did promise to do Sully from Monsters Inc for UltraPunchy on YouTube, but I do not like the way it turned out. But a promise is a promise and I tried my best to replicate Sully.

If you leave a comment on one of my videos, the best way to make sure I see it is to either Subscribe or Friend Request me. Some comments do not show up in my inbox, because of this. So if you want to be seen and heard, do the above.

There was a tie between Intro 2B & 3C, so I have used 2B in this video and will show 3C in tomorrows video so you can see them in action and let me know which one is better. If no one can decide, I will just alternate all 3 new intros. Also, if you have made an intro for me I will alternate that one as well!

More information on the workshop, you can go to this link to check it out:

Now this is a 3 day workshop that starts on Friday with a Beginner Body Painting class at 11AM. If for some reason you cannot make it to all 3 days, call me at 865-385-2068 and we can work something out. The lowest I can go on the cost is $100 for either 1 or 2 days. Saturday is a short day as the host has a gig from 2-4PM that day. But Fri & Sun are 11AM to 6PM with a 1 hour lunch. There is also a Fri & Sat night jam sessions which are completely free to attend and if you cannot make it to the workshop, please stop by the jam and say hi! More information on where the jams will be, I will put into the Facebook event page.

Here are the really bad photos:

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