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Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 98 Part 2 - Apology

This is my APOLOGY

Words were mixed and taken wrong on all parts and this is my apology to Terra Fender, Susan Billings & 2 Facebook groups. I had 5 takes to come up with this video, I am not sure how it will be received.

First, there is a grey area when you talk about Face & Body Art Products & Services and I am going to back down and say that what Terra Fender does, encompasses all areas. She also put 2 great groups together in one called "Art of Body Experience" which is a positive place to post your photos, comments, questions, business info and a place to Buy, Sell & Trade body art Products & Services. A must see and join!

So this is my apology to Terra Fender, of Bella Rouge Design (Facebook Page), for including her in something she should not have been a part of anyway.

I am apologizing to Susan Billings, Founder of Washington DC Metro Area Face Painters & Woodbridge VA Face Painters JAM Facebook group, for misinterpretations and misunderstandings that could have been avoided. As to how they could be avoided, we already talked about that on the phone. Short call, but totally understandable.

I am apologizing to the 2 Facebook groups involved for causing a negative environment and promise to not do it again. My comments were just as destructive and that is why they were removed. No to save face but to stop what should not have been there in the first place.

This is my version of an Olive Branch, and eve though it is UGLY, I extend it to everyone who might have been affected by this and my apologies go out.

Now, one last thing, I did not take down the other video. I will not, because I still do not see the problem with it. I have had worse rants and they are still up and no one is asking me to take them down. If this hurts me, so be it, but it should not hurt anyone else as there are no names. I will make it harder to find, by making it unlisted, but it will still be there.

It is very hard to make an apology for something you don't think you did wrong, but in the end, it is the right thing to do. So please except my apologies!


  1. Daniel, You simply amaze me. This is not the first time you have unprofessionally brought up various issues, egged them on, kept at it until you apologized, again.

    This time your apology has turned into a non-apology video since you feel you have done no wrong. Taking the time to personally call you was to no avail & you remind me of a spoiled child in great need of a spanking.

    You accused us of beating a dead horse while you kept kicking it with the previous video and even more posts to the groups. Amazing.

    The Face & body painters group was wise to delete your posts and Terra to drop you from the membership to keep it a positive group.

    Your childish behavior & rants overshadows your fantastic face painting talent that I discovered at the beginning of the year. Remember, the child is supposed to sit in the chair, not stand beside it, giving an unprofessional example of face painter's behavior.

    One of these days you will grow up and I hope it's soon.

    PS: Spend more time making tutorial videos painters can enjoy instead of unprofessional posts.

  2. can you say NUT JOB??!!

  3. Susan likes to copy and paste everywhere she can, so let me fill you in on the rest of the conversation we had on Facebook (Too long to post here, but you can find all this still on my profile page)