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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 95-96 - Back Home!

Sorry there was no video yesterday, but I had no internet and that's life!

I did get a package in from European Body Art, who contacted me via Facebook SMS, when I was in Now Orleans, LA. It had 2 samples, black and white liquid pigment and their company logo stencil. As I do not usually use an airbrush, I am not sure how I can demonstrate it. I do have a nail airbrush system that I can modify for a video, but instead, maybe I can get European Body Art to sponsor me with a travel kit (Hint, Hint) so I can demo their products and make videos for YouTube and my Tutorials website. Post a comment if you would like to see this happen.

Also, we did some face painting yesterday as early birthday gifts for the 2 children you see in the video. I will post photos below.

Until tomorrow, happy painting.

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