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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 60 - Not much Until the End!

This is just a short video and there will be probably more unless I am doing tutorials.

Right now I have 450 subscribers on YouTube and instead of pushing my luck trying to reach 1000, I will settle for just getting 500. With that being said, what prize do you want to get for being a random winner once I reach 500 subscribers? Come up with something I can do, a million dollo=ars is out of the question, so don't even think about it.

Other than that, I need you to supply me with request for face & body paintings you would like to see in tutorials. If you give me a good one, I will do a tutorial and give you a free 1 week subscription so you can see it. How about that for an incentive?

Yes, I have lost my mind, but I am having fun at the same time. I found my grease based Kryolan UV paints and decided to try out my Black Light environment. What do you think? Will it work for my tutorials I am going to do on UV paintings? I hope so and cannot wait for the paints to arrive.

Also, give me some ideas for an outrageous video you would like me to do. If I pick your idea, I will give you a free 1 month subscription to my Tutorials website. So get your brains in gear and submit your ideas!

Visit KatmandewFBA 365 Tutorials to see my videos before the sneak peek ends March 5th at midnight.


  1. It;s sort of funny hearing a floating mask with no eyes talking.... :)
    Maybe when you do get the uv paints, make a really good mask like aboriginal or like you know the ones with huge round eyes and spikey teeth they use to scare away evil spirits... (

    As for prize for a random person... We are obviously mostly face painters so probably a selection of paints (get your sponsors to donate a few... we also love rainbow cakes, one strokes, good paintbrushes and UV stuff...)

    little Rainbow Face Paint

  2. For those who are not face painters, free face paintings or half price parties would amazing. Plus you could use that in your videos kind of a win win. :-) Can you tell I have childrens birthday parties coming up, lol.