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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 51 - NEW Video Format & Website

As per suggestion from some of my videos, I have decided to go a different direction with my 365 day blog. Some have commented that I am stressing myself out doing videos everyday. I say, it is worth it. I also have read that I need to be more professional in my videos so that I can sell myself for workshops and I totally agree with this statement. 

With that being said, I have a new format for my videos. there are 2 videos I will make a day out of one recording. The first video will be my YouTube daily video and will include the beginning and ending of the video edited together. The second video will be the tutorial that I do in the middle. It is not really taking on too much, it is just reworking what I am already doing.

This is going to take my usual 30-45 minute videos and break them down into 2. The YouTube video will be between 5 & 10 minutes long sometimes a bit longer, but not over 15 minutes. The second video will be between 30 & 60 minutes and might be longer depending on the tutorial.

Now I bet you are wondering, where the second video is going to go? That is the part where you come in. I am putting the second video on a website that is SUBSCRIPTION based. This will be my KatmandewFBA 365 Tutorial website where, if you have a subscription, can view all my tutorials over & over again at your leisure. The subscriptions are very minimal right now and start at $1 per day, $5 per week, $20 per month and so on and so forth. I know a daily subscription is ridiculous, but if you are trying it for the first time, why pay for more than one day? I do have Free Trials on some of the subscriptions for those who are die hard fans of my work, so you can see if you like it enough to keep following. Also, anytime I make a tutorial, which is almost daily, I will be adding it to my website, so there will be tons of tutorials being added on a constant basis. Some of the tutorials may not even be in the daily video and the only way to see them is to have a subscription.

But enough rambling, you want to know what the website is so you can check it out. Well here it is, and right now I am doing a Sneak Peek for the next 2 weeks starting today. So go check it out and let me know what you think.

P.S. There is only one tutorial up right now, but I am working on getting more together to add to it!

Now you want to see the photos of the face I created with todays tutorial. It is just a simple tiger face I have painted before in some videos, but it is a great one to get started with if you are a beginner, because it teaches you sponging, blending & line work. I did not go into to much detail so people can practice it and get it done in 3-5 minutes. So here are the photos:

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  1. The other videos you did were Jamin' videos but your new one is professional all the way!
    Great Job!