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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 48 - Picasso Fleurs De Lis

So let me begin with telling you that these videos are not in home workshops, but entertainment for you with a little class!  All the paintings I am doing are first time face paintings, they are not ones that I am demonstrating for everyday use. If I was to give a workshop through these videos, a couple of things would happen:
  1. I would have a more professional workspace
  2. I would have better equipment to make these videos with
  3. I would be charging a monthly subscription fee
  4. I would have models to work on
  5. I would be instructing you in a more professional manner
These things being said, I am NOT giving an online WORKSHOP!

If you would like me to do online workshops, I can do what I listed above, but I would like for you to enjoy my videos for their entertainment value not just what I am demonstrating. If you would like to hire me for a workshop you can find all the information in my Day 46 blog entry or fill out the form at the bottom of this entry.

Now the demonstration I did today is a request and it has come up a bunch of times, so I decided to do it today. Now I hope you did not think it was going to be a fine work of art. Picasso has a style that cannot truly be matched by any artist. So I did the best I could and am happy with the outcome. The other request I had was to do a Fleurs De Lis since I will be in Louisiana the month of March. I have a good photo of it and it is simple to create. Great for Mardi Gras.

I also hope you enjoyed the beginning and ending of the video as I was asked if I did a video of the jester face I created yesterday. I made a short video to show what it looks like with facial movement, then I decided to video the process of washing it off! I just wanted to do something different and hope you enjoyed it.

My partner, Aline Backes, & her granddaughter Savannah are going to paint my face tomorrow, but it will not be like last time. I am going to cover the mirror so I cannot see what they are painting, but I will be facing the camera so you will get to see everything they are doing.

If you want to see what my partner does, go to her website If you go today and order a portrait from her, she will give you 25% OFF your order TODAY ONLY! You can also call her at 276-525-0872

Here are the photos from todays video:

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