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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 47 - Contest Winners & Windmill Tutorial!

Well the Day 18 - Friendly/Fiendish Clown Contest is over and I have a definite winner. I think you will agree with me that this person had Originality, Technique, Style, Use of Color & Overall Representation at the highest level. AnaArthur81 is our WINNER! She just needs to contact me by phone (865-385-2068), email ( or PM me on Facebook or YouTube with her address so I can send out the prize. 

Now I was thinking last night and I only had 2 prizes to give and AnaArthur81 and Shannon Randolph got them, but since I had just a few contestants, I will be giving my How-To Dew 10 Faces to the other contestants FREE of charge in a PDF format. So Simply Kendra, AintMizzBehavin & PowerfulFlamingRose need to contact me via email so I can send them the attached How-To Dew Book! This is just a thanks for being supportive and entering my contest. Please also make a video showing off one of the designs in my How-To Dew book so others can see how easy it is to create something and make it look good.

I am sure there were many more that wanted to enter, but did not have a chance. I DO NOT extend my contests, that just leaves it open longer and people still wait till the last moment. My prizes are legit and you will see once they receive them. I am asking that they make a video response with the prizes they have won to show that it is real.

I will have more contest coming soon and I still have the other contest which you can reference in yesterdays blog entry.

Now on to the tutorial!

I had a request for a Dutch design with a windmill and tulips. Paula from the Netherlands requested this since she works with the floral industry there. the tutorial is short but it is fun to do and I think I did a pretty good job, but if you think you can top me (and I want you to try) post a video response or  photo on Facebook.

Thanks again for watching my video and visiting my blog.

Here are the photos:

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