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Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49 - You Have A Choice!

Today is a funky day and I have mixed emotions. So I am giving you a choice to either watch a Happy Video or an Angry Video or Both!

I will not be going into details as the videos will speak for themselves. All the information on each video will be in the info bar on the respective YouTube video.

This is just life and needs to be dealt with in different ways, so I am giving you the choice on what video to watch! Choose wisely!

WARNING! The Angry Video has some cussing in it and is not appropriate for children under 18. 
I have removed the Angry Video


  1. cant get either one of them to play :(

  2. The videos are up, Now you can click on the annotations!

  3. Hi there
    Well i watched both video and i must say the happy one was alot better to watch!! buuuut i do understand where u coming from and my suggestion to u is firstly u have given us all a taste of what u can give us on ure videos and alot of us keep coming back for more right.
    secondly u need to talk less paint more and keep ure rage under control as thats not good for business even though u are totally right!
    So to fix some of your problems start a subscription for a year to become a member of the tutorials dont make it to high u could even do a 6 month subscription for X amount of dollars.Then on the open side of your site u just have tasters for ppl to watch so they subscribe!! Just a suggestion see what u wanna do with it!!