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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 83 - 3 Long Winded Answers!

I just had to to give my opinionated answers to 3 big questions that have come up on Facebook. 

The first question was about "What brands of paints do you like the best and why? And what brands do you like the least and why?" There were so many answers that showed that different artists like different brands and how they work. One reason is Geography. Depending on where you live depends on how the paints hold up. Good example is TAG BodyArt is distributed in Australia and was probably developed for the extreme temperatures and dryness of the area and WolfeFX is distributed out of Florida where they are very hot & humid at times. Every paint is made for specific purposes and can be used in conjunction with each other to create outstanding beautiful works of art. It is up to you to decide which one works best for you.

The second question came from 2 different sources on 2 different topics. BRUSHES. Shannon Randolph has a problem with some DFX paints gunking up on her brushes. This stems back to the first question and since the DFX paints are distributed out of the Netherlands whee it is colder and does not get as hot as other areas, it tends to melt faster in heat. There is a way to alleviate this problem by using alot of water on a clean brush and rolling it across the paints gently. If it is still too think or gunky, try rolling it across a wet wipe, that should solve the problem. 

The other part to this question was how to clean your brushes properly. Go out to a craft store and buy Pink Soap & Brush Shaper, they are both made by Mona Lisa Art Products and will help in cleaning and maintaining your brushes. Also, there are many different types of brushes and just like brands of paints, you need to learn and choose which brushes are right for you.

The third and final question I answered is about dealing with customers at the end of you show/festival and how to deal with their rudeness. Let me just say that you will always have rude obnoxious customers and will never be able to satisfy all of them. One way you can alleviate the problem of closing you line is to give out Numbers. depending on how long your line is and how much time you have left, make 5-10 tickets with numbers on them and give them out. This will let the new people in line know that they will not be able to get their faces painted since they do not have a number. For those who are left in line after all numbers are give out, give them a temporary tattoo or something they can take with them (NOT just a Business Card). Camille Eastin suggested making custom temp tattoos that are personalized by you, that way it makes it more special. Just be polite and remember that you can't please everyone.

Also, I will be making my own custom temp tattoos that I can use for this purpose and attaching to my business cards and handing out. I told Camille Eastin that I will send her a sample temp tattoo when I get them made, and if you would like one, I am going to be giving away 100 as a promotion to show what you can create. Just contact me once I post that I have them and I will send you one FREE of charge.

I am also going to be making a new hat, since everyone seems to like my new one, that matches my costume and has my logo on it instead of "No Comment..." So time to search the internet and find the best deals, TTYL!

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