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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82 - Touring New Orleans French Quarter!

So if you haven't noticed by the video, It is a little shaky because the camera I have has a broken screen and I cannot see what I am doing. The other problem is I talk to much and need to let the images do the talking for me. Why do I need to tell you to watch what may or may not come next? You are watching the video and will will know if there is something next or not, by the time. I am a retard and need to focus more of my amateur videoing on interesting points instead of "UM" & "UH" & "Stuff like that".

I went to visit Craig Tracy, but then realized that he was out of town, in Thailand, until April 4th. But I did get to meet his brother, who does no body painting at all, he just runs the gallery so that Craig can do more of what he loves! I hope you like the virtual tour I gave you of his gallery in the video. If I missed something, I am sorry.

Some of the street performers were great while others were nothing more than cold reading Tarot scandals. I may see if I can setup and do some face painting out there next week!

The Cathedral is beautiful, but it is not for me! I love the artwork and the stained glass though!

Other than that, I had a great time and hope I captured it for you to see!

Tomorrow, I may make another couple of tutorials, so stay on the lookout for the announcements. Have fun painting and will talk to you later.

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  1. Thanks for the tour! I never got the chance to see inside the Cathederial when I was there but I think you can find Cafe Du Monde Benyea Mix at some of the higher end grocery stores nowadays.
    Craig Tracy's gallery was fantastic & his work is awesome - Special thanks for sharing. I posted this and a longer video of him painting the South China tiger
    Happy Painting,