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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 - GET OVER IT!

I am tired of each company bickering over each other. I can guarantee that DiamondFX does not do that, because they have stated as such and have complimented me on my bold approach to these issues. I do not want to speak on this issue again, but if I find I need to, I will. Please be respectful of each company and I know the economy is bad, but if we work together instead of pushing away our competition, we will achieve more. Help each other out and I promise the karma will be good. (I will make a video on karma and how it affects all later) Just remember, if you say something bad about someone or something, it comes back to haunt you and it will not be good for you or any of your constituents. Play nice! 

If you did not listen to the whole video, then you need to go back and watch it again. I am not going to reiterate what I just said, because half of you do not fully read what is written in the first place. Also go to my Day 12 blog entry (Jan 12th) and watch that video too! 

The only thing I am sorry about is not doing the tutorial today, but my skin cannot handle it right now with all the painting I have done in the past 2 days. It is cold, dry and my skin is taking a toll from it. I have moisturized and hopefully that will help and if I have time I might put up another video today on a Monkey Tutorial. But as it stands, I am going to do the tutorial tomorrow. The rest of the day, I am going to be reorganizing my room to work better for making these videos.

Remember, if you don't like or do like what is in this video, rate & COMMENT! Don't just hit the like button. Be as honest as I am being and there will be no problems.

Oh here is a hint to one of the Bonus Videos I have hidden in my 365 videos. Look for it! Good Luck!

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