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Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17 - Monkey

This tutorial was request by my friend and long time customer Rebecca Shortt. The colors I used are all DiamondFX: Brown, White, Yellow & Black. The only brush I used was my #6 Round.

Now I have to apologize for the video. There are parts where you really couldn't see what I was doing because i was looking down into my detail mirror. I will fix that in my next tutorial video by raising it to the same height as my camera. I made some funny annotations, so maybe my humor will cover the fact that I made the mistake. But at least I came up after each to show you what it looked like. Sorry!

Now as I said before, this was just a quick monkey face and Rebecca really wanted to see a partial monkey body painting. For that I am going to do an Orangutan where the monkey body is just on my torso and it will look awesome. So look out for that one and I may have my partner help me so you may meet her in the future, probably tomorrow as we work on the mural.

Yeah! We are going to Pigeon Forge to do a mural on a wall of a business there. Actually she will be doing the mural, while I stand back and make sarcastic remarks while dodging sharp object she throws at me. There will be no tutorial just a behind the scenes of what we are doing.

Leave a comment and I will see you tomorrow!

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