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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68 - A question I was asked again!

So I was asked a question that I already answered in earlier videos, but since some do not want to watch all my early videos, I am going to answer it again. AngelsandFaes and AintMizzBehavin, from YouTube, asked "How did you become interested in face & body painting?" And, "Do you know any other art besides face & body painting?" These are really good questions and with the first one, you can watch this video or my Day 10 video.

To answer a question not in the video, I started out with Snazaroo and then worked my way to Paradise & Kryolan and then Wolfe. DiamondFX is my newest paint and I am in love with it.

As for the second question, I have not been much of a flat canvas art person. I do know a lot about other art and I am a very crafty person, but I do not really do any other art than face & body painting. I like working with non-flat surfaces that are pliable and move freely. I can create almost anything I like in any medium, but prefer the human canvas.

I was once an art instructor at the Boys & Girls Club in Sevierville, TN and taught the kids to be as creative as they could. That just because they had a pencil, pen, marker or paint, that what they are drawing or painting does not have to be exactly what they are trying to create. Every artist has their own representation of art and that is why we are all different. I eve taught them it does not have to make sense to others as long as it does to them. Art is a reflection of your emotions and character. When you are happy, you use bright bold colors with soft lines and shapes. When you are sad, you use dark colors with jagged sharp lines and harsh imagery.

I have said everything else in the video and still keep to practicing my art on the human form instead of canvas. Maybe in the future I will change my mind and start creating works of art that I can sell in galleries. I will let you know when that day comes!

Thanks for asking these questions and please don't be afraid to ask anything, even if I have answered it in another video or blog post.

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  1. Hey Daniel
    I dont always get to watch your videos due to time constraints but I do keep tabs on you. I appreciate you letting me hang out with you at the pensacola seafood festival last year.I also appreciate your advice on pricing a three day job that I was able to do thanks to your advice. I think you are a fantastic artist on par with the big names in the industry. And I really want to take a class from you. If I had not signed up for Lafete I would have loved to work with you @ the Fairhope arts and craft festival. I love facepainting but I am primarily a henna and airbrush tattoo artist who is a fair copycat facepainter. I think with a good instructor I could be a better facepainter.I am just not very comfortable with a brush. Keep up the good work and know that what you do is appreciated. Safe passage to you and Aline on the road.

    Paul Hernandez- Hennawi House Body Art

  2. thank you so much for all your great videos i really love keeping up with them. I loved hearing your story about how you started your face painting and how you got your name, that was really great. Keep up the great work, you are very inspiring.

  3. Annelisa again
    I would like to make a request. My birthday is on March 17, St. Patric's Day. I was hoping that you could make a really cool looking st. Patric's day face paint, and arm tattoo for me to watch on my birthday.
    thanks so much

  4. I will see what I can do, but was not going to make any tutorials until I received my package in the mail or bought new paints. But as you birthday is on Saint Patty's Day, I will make an exception. Happy Birthday and watch for the video!