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Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 301 - KatManDiva Has a Few Words!

SO let me tell you a little about KatManDiva. 

She is just CRAZY and WILD! She has a little bit of a speech impediment which makes it hard to hear exactly what she is saying most of the time, but she is a really great artist and she has wanted to help me make tutorials for quite some time. So I have brought her in to liven the videos up a little. 

She will be doing a few tutorials with regular face painting, but she will also be showing how to do drag makeup for girls using face paints. 

She also does not like her real hair, so she wears wigs she bought at Walmart, Kmart & anywhere else she can get them cheap. You never know what she is going to wear next so it is even a surprise for me. 

Watch out, because you never know when she is going to come out with another video. 

Thanks for watching and visiting and until tomorrow, HAPPY PAINTING!

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