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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 296 - I like STEADY business!

Saturday was very busy for the farm, but not so busy for me. It was more steady than any thing else and I liked that. Everyone had a great time and loved the way I used my touchscreen computer to show off my work. I had 2 appointments yesterday for zombies, you see if you can pick those out of the photos below.

Remember if you or your child is in one of my photos, just click on it, then right click the photos and "Save Picture as" that way you can keep and print it out in full resolution.

Today, I am going to paint my friend Arlie Reed all pink, for the Susan G. Komen, Race For The Cure they are having in downtown Kingsport Today. I am also supporting them with a B cup. If you are confused, just come on out to Cleek Farms and you can see what I mean!

Until tomorrow, HAPPY PAINTING!!!



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