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Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 178 - Letter from A-Amusement Performers

So I know all of you are getting tired of this whole mess with A Amusement Performers, but I thought you all should know about this Letter that was sent to me.

Here are the pages:

In this part of the letter they are telling me I cannot use what I have in court! That is total BS! As long I as provide copies to the other party, I am able to use anything! I have snapshots of remarks made by the company and therefore are admissible in court. Any statement that is made by any individual on this matter is also admissible in court and I do not have to give the other party any copies if I do not choose! If you are going to state law, you better know it first!

The other part is also BS and they know it. If you are going to upload any photos or videos to Facebook or YouTube and you do not want anyone to see them, you have the option of hiding them from the public.


I can show a few links to videos where you claim to be the only one doing a certain service, which is considered false advertising. Once I place the links they will show you what I am talking about, If the videos are removed or you cannot see them, then they have admitted they are lying and it is a sign of guilt:

Well I guess they were guilty, since I can no longer find these videos on their YouTube Channel:

I guess my other videos and posts scared them into taking them down! Good for them!

Well, here is my video and blog! Does it make you happy? I don't care if it doesn't and you need to take a look at this vlog to update yourself on what I said!

Who was the original owner of this flyer and what was there before they cut and pasted their own information on it?

Finally, the most professional document I have ever seen come out of their company. YEAH!!

Now, unless they can disprove anything I say, I will not recant anything! They know they are in the wrong and are trying to fight me! They are barking up the wrong tree and karma will get them in the end!

Until tomorrow, HAPPY PAINTING!

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