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Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 141 - FABATV Preview Was A Success!

So if you didn't get to see the preview, you missed out on a great start to one of the most unique online experiences to date! This promises to be the best online workshop resource besides mine!

Wiser Oner was the instructor for the preview and he did such a wonderful job and also got a bunch of marriage proposals! He did a Bad Ass Skull w/ Wing design and it was incredible. He also showed us a simple graffiti design. He is a world class instructor and can't wait to take his class at FABAIC.

Check out and check out the free previews before you subscribe. Subscriptions right now are discounted to $29.99/month or $249.99/annual. They have 6 classes right now and will be adding 6 classes each month. All classes run about an hour and as long as you are subscribed, you can watch the videos as many times as you want. These are professional videos that will give you everything you need from basics to advanced painting, marketing & more!

Now, I know what you are thinking, Why would Katmandew be advertising his competition? Well for one thing, they do not have my designs or style, secondly, You can learn from more than just me. Now I can say for sure that my prices are lower for my tutorials, but they are not high quality like theirs. You will have to make a decision for yourself and hope that you choose to subscribe to both. They have a lot more experience doing workshops than I do and they have a better setup than my bedroom. Once I have the money and resources they have, I can make my videos more professional. But for right now you will just have to settle for my small website

I also know those who have already subscribed that you are waiting for more tutorials, I have been very busy and have not had the time to make any, but I promise you that after the convention I will be making more and posting just as FABATV is. I will have 6-10 new tutorials a month. And I know I still have to put up the 2 tutorials I promised and they will be up by the end of the weekend, I PROMISE!

So, until tomorrow, Happy Painting!

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