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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 138 - Week in Review 5/11/11 - 5/17/11

Just to catch you up the last week, I am going to give you the main info, like the fundraiser, Trail Days and my project.

We tried to raise funds last Thursday, but we did not do so well. I also said in the video that you could see more faces than the one that was in it. I will post those pictures below so you can see them. But first, here is the info as we are trying it again this Thursday:

When: Thursday, May 19, 2011 from 10AM-8PM
Why: To raise funds and donations for the community of Glade Springs, VA
How: I will be face & body painting for kids of all age, we will have a truck and trailer to put all the donations in and have it shipped directly to the community for the Mayor to distribute, Newspaper, Radio & TV will be on site to capture every moment of our event and let others know how they can help if they cannot make it.
What do you Need: Monetary donations are encouraged, but we also need non-perishable foods, clothing, especially for the children, Toys to put smiles on heartbroken faces & personal hygiene products.

So, then I talked about Trail Days in Damascus, VA which I did this past weekend and it rained for most of it. We did pretty good, but not spectacular. In the video you will note that I say "Thank You" a lot. I was dressed in costume and they were complementing me on my tail. There was also a plug for a Trail Mix, but I was not able to get the Company name in the camera, so if you are reading this and you are the one with the Trail Mix, please post your information in the comments section below. Thanks! There was also a hiker we met and boarded for the weekend named Gage. He is a professional hair stylist who has taken to the trails on a self discovery mission. He was one of the best guests and friend one could ever make. We miss you Gage. The highlight of my time there was getting to meet a couple face painters that like to hike and came to my tent to visit. The first one was Nancye Eidson, and if you know her on Facebook, then you know she is a really great face & body painter. The other was Ray, who goes by the trail name POET. He did not have a business card on him, but he is a clown and has gone to LA Fete and other face & body art conventions and said, he should have brought his paints with him. We talked at length and decided next year to bring our stuff to Tent City, where all the partying goes on after festival hours. We will jam and have so much fun, we won't eve get sleep. Can't wait for next year. If you didn't see the entry with the photos of the faces I did, then click this link:

Last but not least is the project I am working on. It is something I have been wanting to do for the longest time, but have not had a chance until now. I will be starting this project at FABAIC.

What: Photo Book titled "The Many Faces of Katmandew"
When: From NOW until I get at least 20 unique artists and plenty of photos. Hope to have the book out by Halloween 2011
How: Each artist will paint their version of a feline on either my face, back, arm, torso or whole upper body and have multiple photos taken of their creation. A photo of the artist and work along with multiple single shots will be placed into the book and the artists business information will be placed in the back of the book along with their headshot and/or logo.
Why: To showcase talent that not everyone knows about and to strike up conversation.
How much: Cost will depend on the number of photos I include in the book and whether it will be hardcover or softcover and the size. I want to keep it around $50 as it will be a very artistic book!
How to Participate: If you are going to FABAIC and want to be included in the book, contact me through or PM me on Facebook or call 865-385-2068 for more detailed information.

I have done an example as you can see below, but you already know my style, I want to see what other styles are out there and show then to you.

I have 6 Handmade DFX Feather Lashes left and want you to have them, so the first 6 people to contact me using the links above will get them. Please make sure you include you full name, address and phone number (in case I have questions). I will mail them out directly after receiving your info. So contact me quick before they are gone.

This Friday & Saturday, I will be at the Iris Festival in Greenville, TN. Come on out and get painted by me! If you don't, you will be sorry!

Happy Painting!

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