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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 140 - Southern Hospitality

We all know the real meaning of Southern Hospitality, to tell someone you will do something without the intention of actually doing it.

That is exactly what happened today. But let me first say THANK YOU to Roger's Trucking for supplying a 53 foot trailer and everyone who did show up and donate either money, clothing, food, personal hygiene products & cleaning supplies. I would also like to thank Mayor Lee Coburn for coming out and showing his support!

For those who were contacted by phone and email and said they would come out to cover the event for radio or tv, THANK YOU for confirming with us that you would not be showing up. Also for those who said they would try to advertise, but then insisted that Facebook was good enough. I am glad you thought our FUNDRAISER was not worth your time and energy. This shows great professionalism and an even better example of Southern Hospitality.

We are trying to see if Roger's Trucking will allow us to keep the Trailer for the weekend to accept more donations that some may not have been able to drop off today.

I am not mad at the lack of business I had or the few donations we got, but I am mad that the only media with professional courtesy was Earl Neikirk, a photographer with the Bristol Herald Courier. THANK YOU Earl!

So I guess to end this I will just say, I NO LONGER WANT TO HEAR SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY, if you cannot keep your word or call to inform that you cannot do something you promised, then you have no place in my professional world.

I will be posting the photos of the very few face paintings and video clips on Wednesday's blog entry. Until then, Happy Painting!

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