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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 128 - Recap of the weekend!

So, if you noticed, the past couple of blog entries were kinda small and nothing to them. Well, let me give you a recap on what happened this weekend.

On Friday, we headed out to Clifton Forge, VA to setup for the Magic in the Mountains Festival. We have done this festival for over 3 years now and the past couple of years, have been hired to do the face painting in the children's area. They gave us a vendor space to work from on Friday & Saturday and another space in the children's area for Saturday to do the Free face painting. We setup and they let us vend for the rest of the day and all we got were 2 glitter tattoos and 1 Henna, here is the picture:

Not much business on Friday, but we expected that from the past years.

On Saturday, we opened early and it did not take long to get customers, I was busy all the way up to 11AM when I had to transfer my stuff over to the children's area. I was non stop for 5 hours and, as always, had some really uptight parents when I told them I had to shut down at 4PM. In fact one of the parents went over to our vendor space and told my partner that I was rude for closing down so early when the festival goes on till 6PM. Aline had to tell them that I was only paid till 4PM and had to close. They still didn't get the idea. As soon as I got back to our vendor space, I took a short break and we started all over again with the painting. It was a good day.

We decided to leave that night and come back home after have a really great dinner at Vic's Italian Restaurant, which was located just across from where we were setup. We got home about 11:30PM and I went straight to bed.

And here I am recapping for you right now, so you can catchup on this weekend and see some of the wonderful kids and the faces I painted on them.

Happy Painting!

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