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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 107 - Going to Gigs Sick

This is NOT a rant, but an informative video about something that concerns us all in the face & body art community.

In the past, concerns arose about sick children being painted and the consensus was that we do not paint a sick child's face, but instead we paint their arms, legs or give them something like a temp tattoo and break the news gently to them that we cannot.

A new question came up that falls into this subject, "we don't paint sick children...but what about when WE wake up sick the day of a party? A much anticipated party at that???"

This is a very good question and there are 2 answers, YES & NO. As Professionals, we have to make sure that we keep our customers informed & safe.  You can also reschedule for another time, but that is not the case when it is a birthday, company, corporate or private party or event. Sometimes, and I know we all don't want to do this, we need to cancel. If you do not want to cancel, here are 3 things you can do to alleviate this problem.
  1. Call all face painters in your area and see if some one can cover for you.
  2. Call the customer and tell them you are under the weather and you can still do the job, but you will be wearing a face mask.
  3. Show up with a face mask and talk to the customer letting them know your condition.
Having a face mask eliminates the problem of spreading your germs through the air and making everyone else sick. Also make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer on hand.

The customer will understand and be thankful you are looking out for the welfare of the children. They will not speak bad about you, even if you cancel, because you were upfront, honest & professional.

Here is something to think about. If we do not use acrylics because they are harmful to the skin and we have stopped using certain paints because we are unsure how they will affect the skin or a person, then why would we go to a party or event sick?

If you have a question, concern or want to add to this, please leave a comment here or on Facebook.

Liliana Hopman & I have come up with a unique idea. We want to see what you come up with for face & body paintings by finding a current event, globally. We loved seeing what you have for the themes we did in the past, but some of them were ones you already did and NOT new ones created for the theme. You are all wonderful artists and love your work, but we want to challenge you to be better. That is why we came up with this idea. You have 2 days to create your painting have it voted by comments and we will chose the winner on Tuesday night.

Please read the Doc on the group page to find out more details. You can click the link above to go to the group and if you are not a member, click the button in the top right to Request to Join.

We look forward to see what you come up with. 

Until tomorrow, Happy Painting!

One other thing, the weather yesterday cleared up a little and we went and setup at the Redbud Festival in Honaker, VA. It was small and we did good, but the wind was horrible. Here are a few photos of the faces I did:


  1. As you saw on my facebook Daniel, this was how I dealt with the situation :) Just thought I'd share it here as well...Also, to be clear, when discussing illness worthy of calling the client, we aren't talking about sneezes and sniffles, it has to be full on flu, vomitting etc.
    " I did call them first thing this am, told them I am more than happy and capable to work, but that I am experiencing some kind of bug and wanted to let them know. She appreciated the call and has chosen to reschedule :) I think the key was that I was still totally willing to work, just wanted to make sure she was ok with it. Some people are very very germophobic, I figure I owe them the respect of making their own choice of wether to have me their ill or not. I will not cancel. The other saving grace is that today is not a bday, it was just a for fun photo shoot to get thier faces done, we CAN reschedule this one.

  2. thank you for all the support to the theme of the day group!!