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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86 - Again No Video, but There are PHOTOS!

Today was the last day of the Oak Alley Plantation Spring Arts & Crafts show and it did not goes as well as they said it would, but we did make out okay. I have some photos of the faces we did this weekend as promised below!

Now the reason I did not make a video is that I was going to stop by Office Depot and buy a new camcorder that records 1080p HD, but they were already closed and we were starving. I am just too tired to talk into a camera tonight and will surprise you with a great video tomorrow. It is going to consist of the review for the Economy Inn that we are staying at and I wanted it to be better quality than the past videos.

Oh, one other thing and I will be making or mentioning in a video about this, but my friend has entered a contest and she needs you help, please read the following:

"Between You and Gina Newsum

Gina Newsum March 26 at 10:22pm Report
i am so emotional right now, i can't tell you how thankful i am to you, i don't know how to dothose things yet, i have been wanting to make some type of face painting you tube, i promise i will learn some how, i am so grateful to you.

heres my (our) story, I don't really care if the public knows this , it's ok, i am proud of her so here goes,

Krista is the most wonderful amazing daughter a mom could ever have, she is my best friend, she graduated high school in 2009, with top honors, drum major, and mentor to dozens of students, mostly special needs students, her passion is to be a special needs teacher for autistic children, she works full time50 hours per week at a casino as a waitee, she attends college 30 hours a week, she will get her liberalarts degree in september of this year. Austin and Krista started dating in 11th grade of high scholl, i knew the minute she brough him home it was special with them, in 12th grade one month before they were to graduat, he was failing, she mentored him every night until midnight to get himn to pass, after he would leave she would do her work, she graduated with high honors top in her class, and he to graduated, four months later he enlisted in . the marines, he is stationed in Nc. now here is where they are special, they both put their families before themself. I have RSD a cronic pain syndrome, i had to retire four years ago, my hubby her dad's health has gone down hill, he only has been able to wok four to five months a year. Austins mom now has MS, and is failing in health and memory. THEY BOTH HELP WITH BOTH OUR HOUSEHOLDS, THEY HELP PAY 50 PERCENT OF OUR HOUSEHOLD BILLS, TO KEEP US AFLOAT, AND THEY ARE SAVING FOR A WEDDING. THEY WILL MARRY MAY 27TH OF THIS YEAR. i cry because i can not help her much, i was able to save money from some face painting and buy her dress, i am arranging all th flowers myself to save her money, and this contest, i am working so hard to help her, this win will give her professional photos for her wedding, they will come and photgraph all the entire wedding and give evert picture on cd and tape the ceremony, also four albums with pictures in it, this is about a 1500 win for first place, she was not going to have any professional photographer, just a cousin takng snap shots, she is such a wonderful girl, her heart is as big as the world, i cry to her that i can't help her, she wipes my eyes and says momma its ok as long as you are there standing by my side,the flora fotography contest on facebook is a dream for me, i can help here capture her special day the right way. i am so grateful to you daniel, for offering to do this, you are a very special person, not just for this but how on your videos you always offer to help anyone, the information on the contest is on my FACEBOOK PAGE, you have voted now and you know how to do it, friend flora fotography and you know the rest, I don't care what part of this story you use any or all of it, i just wantthe world to know that she is so special, and she is going to make the world a better place as a teacher of of special children, that is where her heart is. let me know if you need any thing else love you, be safe and GOD bless you my friend"

All the info to help and vote is below:

1. Click on

2. Click on this photo


VOTING STARTS 12:01AM 3.17.11 and ENDS 3.31.11 11:59PM


On March 17 2011 at 12:01 a.m. the voting begins. Any comment left before 12:01am on 3/17/2011 will be not counted and will be removed. Comments will continue to be counted until 11:59 p.m. 3/31/2011. Any comments entered after this time will not be counted. Only one comment, per individual, per story will be counted in the voting. However, you can comment on as many stories as you wish.

The winner will be announced on 4/1/2011 at 7:00pm. We promise there will be no bad April Fools day joke!

So PLEASE vote for them today!

Now on to the photos:


  1. Very cool pics! You are loving your rainbow cakes aren't you?!! (I love them too!) I love the eyes. I have been wanting to do them- but I didn't think I would be able to practice them on myself... now that I saw your knee/eye paintings- I don't know why I didn't think to try it on my arm or something. lol Duh!

  2. Special thanks for sharing Gina's touching story to get more votes for her daughter & future SIL. In third place, they need all the votes they can get : )