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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 166 - Week In Review

Relay for Life was in Tazewell, VA this past Saturday Night and I had a blast painting and having fun. I wanted to get more photos and video, but I forgot my 8GB SD card in my computer at home. So what you see is what you get. Oh, and yes they have a drag queen contest and the guys walk around the track collecting donations for their team. Don't ask me who one, I did not stay long enough to find out.

Reference these 2 links to learn more about A-Amusement Performers:
If you want to look them up then Google "A-Amusement Performers", "Lacary Steele" & "Julie Steele"
I have said enough in the video and in my blog entries, it is now up to you to find out more about them and put a stop to their thievery. 

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And of course I could not pass up the opportunity to promote FABAIC 2012. It will be bigger and better and a lot more creative. If there is one place you have to be on Memorial weekend, it is at the Face & Body Art International Convention. So click on the pic below to go directly to their website.

This is the email I am using for all questions you have for my Q&A video I will do once a month. so get your questions in. They can be anything from "How did you get started?" to "What is your favorite brush?" and if you have a question on technique, go ahead  and ask and I will demonstrate it in the video.

Now that you have all this information I have given, I bid you adieu and say HAPPY PAINTING! 

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  1. reginanewsum@aol.comJune 15, 2011 at 10:10 AM

    yeah! I have my daughter's wedding out of the way, and I'm getting back into my routine again, and I used to have coffee with you every morning, you were my morning start up! So glad you are making video's again, I love them and I just LOVE you my friend!
    Gina from Michigan!