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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 293 - Week In Review - 2 Halloween Tutorials

So instead of telling you about my week, I decided to make 2 tutorials for Halloween. I hope you enjoy these photos and I will see you next week with another 2 really great tutorials just in time for Halloween.



  1. I'm still watching the vid- very nice btw! Anyways- I just wanted to let you know about my find for a really cheap and good kabuki brush! I went to ELF Cosmetics (online) and got their "studio line" kabuki brushes. They have 50% off sales all the time- so I got 4 brushes for $10 and they only shed like 3-5 hairs each on the first time I used them... nothing since then! They are great! :)

  2. Loved the designs & ESPECIALLY loved the clown voice at the end! :)