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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 241 - NEW Hair DEW!!!

Finally decided to go a little wild and colored my hair Red, Purple & Blue! I should have followed directions better and did not wait for the hair to completely dry before putting the color in. The hair still looks good, even though slightly faded. I love it and think I did a great job for my first time and doing it myself! Take a look at the photos and you tell me!

Until tomorrow, HAPPY PAINTING!

STEP 1: Bleaching

Just after Bleaching!!!

STEP 2: Color

Hair is still a little wet and the lighting was bad, but you get the picture!

STEP 3: Fix the Problems I Created

Once my hair was dry, I noticed it was faded in some areas, so I used the rest of the dye in my hair and I am leaving set until late tonight. Should come out with some great High & Low lights.

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