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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 159 - Week In Review

Wanted to do a Q&A video, but did not get any questions in time, so I just decided to take 2 questions that came up in the past. watch the video to get those answers. If you would like to submit questions for me to answer, send them to and I will get to them in the next Q&A video in about 3 weeks.

Hair Feathers or Feather Heads are a not so new item, but are becoming very popular right now and I will be doing them in the near future.

This past weekend, I was at the Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City, TN. Besides all the problems, it was a really great festival. Some of the problems that were there, were the amount of FREE face painters there. Some were even using acrylics, Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint. I even asked them to stop using it because it could harm the kids. One had the nerve to argue back that it can be washed off. I lost it and told her off in front of the parents there. A church even was doing FREE face painting and asked them how long they were going to be doing it and they told me until 6PM. I told them I had paid for a booth space and that I was charging, they said "OH" and continued to do FREE face painting instead of doing the Christian thing and stopping.

One of the biggest deals at the festival caused me to create two 2'X5' banners that you can purchase. Take a look: (click on the image to see it larger)

The one on the left is a little blunt and rude sounding, while the one on the right sounds a lot better and is more professional, but will still rub people the wrong way.

That is okay, because no matter how much you try to make people happy, you will always have those who are out to make your life miserable and complain about everything. Most people don't read anyways and those that do are usually the ones to understand why you posted in the first. There are also those, when told your rules, that will say "Why don't you make a sign then?" and that is exactly what I did.

These signs can be used in almost every event you do, but use caution when displaying them. Some situations you may not post at all, while others you will want to shove it in the customers face.

If you are interested in purchasing one, they are $50 each or both for $80. just fill out the form at the bottom of the blog and I will get it to you within 3 weeks.

I Upgraded my Gig Salad account and you can see it here Please write a review and let me know what you think of my services I provide!

I also created a couple of badges you can attach to your Facebook Profile pic. Click on each photo to go to that badge. You can even create your own through

You can also Skype me if I am online! Just click the button on the right in the sidebar!

Other than that here are some photos of faces I did during the Blue Plum Festival:

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  1. When you find painters in other booths using acrylics, reporting them in lanuage the organizers understand is important. Since volunteers & uneducated painters probally don't have insurance, the organizers will be sued for damage that the dangerous & carcinogenic acrylic ingredients do to attendees children's faces, as seen in Terra Fender's photo.
    Avoiding lawsuits will shut down acrylic face painters booths faster.
    Those who paint faces for free aren't responsible for the success of your business. Deal with it using a large sign stating that you use SAFE professional face paints that are FDA compliant. Too often that statement gets lost with other info in FP booths. It is the best one to let attendees know there will be no uncomfortable itchy reactions at your booth. It's the old saying of 'you get what you pay for' - safe face painting that lasts or possible scarring skin reactions for free.
    All the best,