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Friday, January 9, 2015

Week 1 - Slow Start

Well here is the first official blog of 2015 to start off the 52 weeks of awesome content! Unfortunately, there is not much awesome content in this one.

I finally got my Paasche DC600R compressor, my kit of 6 airbrush guns and a 6 channel manifold so I can star airbrushing my face and body art! I even got a good supply of ProAiir hybrid paints that are highly water resistant, but removal easily with mild soap! Now I don't have to worry about kids sweating it off or jumping in the pool during the summer and their faces washing off.

I did have to order a few parts before actually getting to use them, so there is no video or awesome photos just yet, but here are a couple photos of what I got!

Hopefully I will have more to show and share with you next week! In fact I do, So subscribe to our RSS feed and keep up with us on Facebook

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