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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 207 - An Apology for A-Amusement Performers

Like I said in the video, I apologize for calling you frauds as you have proven otherwise and I commend you on your success through the many years in business. I also will apologize for calling you thieves, but you were still wrong in the first place for posting some photos and videos without permission and not making your Facebook and YouTube private.

I will not apologize for the Racist remark that started this whole thing in the first place and you are going to have to live with the consequences of that.

I am not going to take down any videos and you will have to live with that!

For everyone else, Happy Painting!


  1. Sorry - but where is their apology posted?
    I would like to see it.
    I don't actually think you needed to apologize... but you are a bigger man for it anyway.

  2. Two things:
    1. They needed releases to post others' work or likenesses. If they don't have those releases, once a protest is lodged, asking them to take the stuff down, they MUST take it down.
    2. None of their business prowess excuses the fact that they (Lacari, I suppose) threatened to beat people up - like me and my husband - with no provocation, for saying we wanted our work and likenesses taken down. Threatening to beat people up is both immature and illegal.

  3. You are a classic narcissist. Unreal.

  4. I guess I do think of myself too much and that is why I look out for others so strongly! If you have something to say, DO NOT post as anonymous as that only makes you look guilty with your vague comments of negativity.If you have nothing to hide and you are not involved, then you should be able to post with your name! Thanks for saying I am a NARCISSIST, it really fits me to a T! (Sarcasm is what makes the world go round)

  5. All I want to know is a amusement really good performers