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Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 143-144 - Bad Storm & Getting ready for FABAIC!

I had a great yesterday as we finished off the Iris Festival with a bunch of smiles and had some extra fun with a couple of faces over at the city Morgue door. Wait for the Wednesday Blog for photos of these and other faces I did that weekend.

The only reason I did not get the blog done last night is because as soon as we got home a nasty thunderstorm hit and the power went out for 6 hours! It was after midnight when it cam back on and I was already asleep.

Today, is going to be a frantic busy day, as I have a weeks worth of work to do in less than 10 hours and get ready to head out to FABAIC tomorrow morning at 6AM. We are driving!

So I am keeping this short and as always, HAPPY PAINTING!

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