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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 124 - NEW Videos Every Wednesday!

Here is the low down on what is going on!

I have been working my tail off to do my job, make videos, tutorials and get get everything together for the youth area of the Virginia Highlands Festival. I just do not have enough hours in the day to do all this so a choice has been made.

I am going to start recording everything I do in 7 days and edit to make a 30-60 minute video that will be released every Wednesday. This will allow me more time to do what I need to do instead of spending hours each day making a daily video. I will still make tutorials and post to my Subscription based website, but this gives me more leeway on doing it.

I will still keep up this blog each day, they will just not have any videos except on Wednesday. As this is a 365 day blog, I am obligated to post a little something each day, whether it be a sentence, paragraph, photos or more. So this will continue to grow.

I hope that this decision does not upset you and that you understand where I am coming from. When you do see the video, it will be is a format such as "Day 125-132 - Week in Review". This also allows me to do my job on the weekend without rushing to get a video out for the day.

My videos will also be more creative, as I will have more time to edit and put it together. As in this video, I tried to do something I have never done before and hope you like how it was done. I watched it myself and found things I can work on to make it better such as getting rid of my monotone talking and making it more upbeat. But in all I think I did a good job and got my point across.

I also had an appointment today to do a full face painting on a friend, Misty Thomas, and I will show the photos here and on Facebook. I like the design I came up with.

So, as always, Happy Painting!

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